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Arriving in a New World

Poster: JanReinar
Image: Arriving in a New World
Image Details: ID: 1052 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 585 x 585 (88KB)
Posted: 23 May 2004 20:22
Views: 66
Pic Description: The Earth Colony Ship Columbus arrives at a planet in the Deneb System.

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... here I go
Paradise Postcard - Kina 01
Arriving in a New World

Poster Message
 23 May 2004 21:25
A dang nifty seen =D>

Behond the coming back, is going too far
 23 May 2004 22:52
Wild Ship design, I like these ships you`re making! =D> =D> =D> =D>

 23 May 2004 23:35
Nice ship. Makes me think of Babylon 5

Every night will have a day.
Even forever must come to an end. I think...
 24 May 2004 01:08
What a ship!Man thats a complicated hunk of lead up there. You sure can get it on with this ship designing. Next SciFi Movie coming to a theater near you. Great job JR. =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

Two wrongs don't make a right.
But six left turns will get you around the block
and back in the driveway again.
 24 May 2004 07:19
Awesome ship... =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

 24 May 2004 11:41
Thanks for view!

Here we go!

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