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Epox Relm

Poster: tda42
Image: Epox Relm
Image Details: ID: 4376 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1280 x 960 (180KB)
Posted: 31 Aug 2007 20:54
Views: 126
Pic Description: This goes out to Andreas for the wonderful morph and making HER a doll and Whazizname for the smoke tutorial and idea that you can make great floating smoke from ground made from Bryce. Thanks guys. Her character doesn't get much attention these days so I thought I would give HER the spot light. What do you all think? Comments welcome. Enjoy everyone. :)

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Poster Message
 01 Sep 2007 04:38
Very nice scene & render!

Great job with the bryce ground; it has just the right height irregularity to keep the fog from seeming flat.

It's not what you look like, when you're doing what you're doing;
It's what you're doing, when you're doing what it looks like you're doing.
 01 Sep 2007 08:41
beautiful scene !!

 02 Sep 2007 03:39
You are the best with lights and reflections Kenny!

Here we go!

 24 Sep 2007 07:17
Super reflections and a cute model..great overall image!

"the brite good morning voice, whose heard but never seen"
 18 Dec 2007 07:39
The floating smoke— gives the image that "depth"—
that 3-D -ought to have.

I love the colors— and ya gotta love the reflections
in those knee boots.

Thats a great bird— by the way.
I'd give this image a 10—
any day of the week.

 17 May 2014 01:14
I missed this. Great work Kenny

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