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Poster: Maelstromme
Image: T'pring
Image Details: ID: 6025 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 610 x 594 (212KB)
Posted: 28 Oct 2010 08:27
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Pic Description: Yea I know, T'pring is a classic beehotch. However, this is my version of her now that shes married to St'onn the always-at-home, boring type husband she wanted. I am thinking about putting her in my storyline.....Please tell me what you think!

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Happy Halloween PF!

Poster Message
 28 Oct 2010 10:40
It can always start up a lot of drama with her. So the more with real life
heart aches the more the story gets interesting. I would maybe have the story go for a bit and then bring T'pring as a shock or surprise to the readers. By the way how did you get the p4 woman to look so good. Love the lips and ears. Not to mention the eye brows. Great looking character.

Two wrongs don't make a right.
But six left turns will get you around the block
and back in the driveway again.
 28 Oct 2010 19:11
The ears and eyebrows are morphs that are here at Posetteforever. Ajah is very talented and the vulcan ears and eyes belong to him. also the happyworldland skin I used had exotically cut eyebrows on it as well. I actually used it in some of my older christmas renders. The hair is a Mylochka creation. the dress is a freebie that is offered here for Victoria 2. I added my own textures to it and really liked the look. I use several, varied facial morphs to complete the image.

Model: P4 woman, aka Posette.

Hair: Vulcan Female hair by Mylochka

Clothing: V2 medeval dress offered here at Posetteforever.

Lights: Bahiya Lighting.

I am glad you enjoy my work, and thank you for the praise!

I am smiling.
 29 Oct 2010 18:31

She's a beauty. I'm glad my humble creations are ueful here and there that's what they are made for

 30 Oct 2010 15:45
A very beautiful character! Great great work!

Here we go!

 01 Nov 2010 04:39
Thank you both for the praise I appreciate it!

I am smiling.
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