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Posette Flying High at the Circus!

Poster: rico
Image: Posette Flying High at the Circus!
Image Details: ID: 8359 - Image Type: PNG - Size: 1080 x 606 (335KB)
Posted: 13 Aug 2020 22:24
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Pic Description: I entered a DAZ3D Freebies Contest for 2020-July and my little render was awarded 2nd place prize for the month.

The theme was ONLY AT THE CIRCUS, so I tried to mimic the cover of Curious Labs' Poser 4 Pro Pack, which was the very first thing I ever purchased when I joined eBay.

This image itself is rendered in Poser 4 Pro Pack, which still runs on my Windows 10 64-bit laptop today, and features:

P4 Posette on the trapeze,
P2 Lo figures sitting in the background,
P4 Dog jumping through the hoop,
P4 Lion in the cage,
A3 in the ring with P4 Dog
V3 by the cage with P4 Lion

Constructive criticism was:

Well my Poser friend, you have provided us with a look back at this phenom we call 3D art. It was fun to see the older stuff dusted off and brought back into the limelight. Your color choice was interesting but who doesn't like to see pretty blues. You did a good job with working with your freebies to show them off in a good light and sometimes that is not easy. The only thing that we can say is next time you have a crowd of people tweak the poses to give them some individuality. Have them scratch their noses or look different ways. Why V3 is looking good in that ring mistress outfit and not a one of those guys was looking her way.

I also wrote a little poem, looking forward to the upcoming 30th anniversary of Poser:

Warm greetings, blessings enthusiasts of 3D
This be my entry for circus’ contest of free

If the Lord spares us through Covid-19
Next year we may be celebratin’
For Poser turns 30 in 2021
Copyrighted ever since 1991

The first thing I purchased when joining eBay
Was Poser 4 Pro which I still use today
The fact it’s still stable on Windows 10
Celebrates the skill of its programmers then

The package and manual had circus themes
Paying homage to it now appropriate seems
So I tried to replicate the image on its cover
But I’m no expert, just a 3D lover

Choosing to compose this in Poser 4 Pro’d
The lion and dog from its content borrowed
With Posette, A3 and V3 all in front
Poser 2 Lo fig’s bear background brunt

I salute the teams who started it all
Working all day and beyond nightfall
Who brought us tools for work and play
Which we all enjoy to this very day

A special thanks and our hats off to you
Who generously give us freebies too
Your skill and kindness sincerely appreciated
May you be blessed for all you donated

So come one, come all, to the circus in town
For the trapeze artist, lion tamer and clown!

The link to the DAZ3D web page is:

Though I've played around in Poser for many years, I never got down to really learning about it. Now, I find myself going back to Poser 3 to really start learning Poser from the foundation level, then basement, ground and upper floors of Poser Pro 11... God-willing I'll be more capable in using the software in coming months.

To all 3D and 2D artists who assist us with tutorials, freebies and friendship I'd like to say:


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Poster Message
 14 Aug 2020 14:39
That's a great entry and write up.

Thanks for posting it here too.

I really like the retro Poser render.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
 15 Aug 2020 01:34
Bravo !!

 21 Sep 2020 05:05
Great rendition and great composition too

 21 Sep 2020 12:59
Thank you kindly ! The render would have been better if I did it in Poser 6 or 11 but I wanted to use 4 for nostalgic purposes.

The lighting happened 'by accident' , I didn't intend for a shadow to fall diagonally across the crowd, but I realised that in a real circus the seats are located in the darker shadows while most of the light shines into the centre of the ring. So, I left that shadow like that.

There's too much light shining on Victoria 3 in the red coat... in the beginning that area was too dark, so I added an additional light to shine on the lion cage (so that the lion could be better seen inside the cage - it was dark inside the cage before, because the shadow cast from the cage's roof was falling on the lion, making him dim)... but the light I added was too bright & not properly positioned.

But it came out okay, it get's the general idea across.

I was browsing through the gallery now again & sometimes I wonder ' How did they get their Posette's & textures to look so great?' I hope to develop my 3D arts skills to get my renders similarly good... but lately, I've been thinking more about toon style renders instead of realistic renders .

I played around with Posette Nea 3's 'Anime FACE morph' which seemed fine but when I used the 'Anime NECK morph' I didn't like what appeared to be an 'unintended deformation' in the shape of the neck (the shape seemed more exaggerated when I changed the lighting to shine from the 'ground' up to Nea's face - instead of leaving the light shining from the 'roof'). Maybe I was just applying the morph wrong, but I stopped. Next, I think I'll use the 'Anime HEAD morph'... but for the neck only use the 'x,y,z size' dials to make the neck look thinner & shorter.

There's another scene I did in Poser 4, where the lighting also came together 'by accident'... but I thought that lighting looked great ! I think it's on another hard drive; I'll search for & upload it later today God-willing.

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