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Safe trip for you!

Poster: rico
Image: Safe trip for you!
Image Details: ID: 8392 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1080 x 627 (482KB)
Posted: 25 Oct 2020 09:24
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Pic Description: This scene was started in Poser 6.

However, because 32-bit Poser 6 has a problem, in that it ''runs out of memory'' very quickly on 64-bit Windows 10, when I tried to render it in Poser 6 (using Poser 4 render settings, not using Firefly render settings), then Poser 6 simply ''got stuck and hung around'' doing nothing for more than 30min (it just said ''Loading textures'' for 30min).

So, I opened the scene in Poser 4 Pro and rendered it there in under 2min 30sec on this laptop.

Even though this computer has a basic built-in mobile graphics processor (for business uses), neither Poser 6 nor Poser 4 make use of it on this 64-bit Windows 10 computer.

When I first started running Poser 4, it consumed 50MB of memory. Then I opened the saved scene, and Poser consumed 650MB. After I rendered the scene, Poser was using 440MB... a little odd, but anyway, I finally got the scene I wanted.

It consists of:

- 3 Poser 4 males with Poser 4 clothes

- 1 sunglasses from Poser 6 James

- 1 baseball hat by Gerald Day

- 1 fuel station building by Mausel

- 1 sports car by hdrider

- 1 SUV by petipet

- 1 convertible by Alberto Daniel Russo

- 2 trees by Traveler from DAZ3D

- 4 lights

- 1 Worldbase Xtreme environment kit (ground plane, 360 degree panorama, and skydome) by Magix 101

This is the first scene of a series which I''m doing as part of an instructional presentation on the effects of words in English. It''s about how we sometimes use words which LOOK and SOUND the same, but in reality they have DIFFERENT MEANINGS... and so it can lead to misunderstanding when we communicate with each other.

To get things done faster (because I''m behind schedule in completing the instructional presentation), I want to use pre-rendered ''billboard'' backgrounds from one of the ''Millennium Environment'' in the next scenes. I must still write the text for the instructional presentation, which is a lot of work but worthwhile. God-willing, I''ll finish them by Tuesday.

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Safe trip for you!

Poster Message
 25 Oct 2020 11:46
Great work.

That's some expensive autos.

I hope they enjoy their ride.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
 25 Oct 2020 23:30
Excellent work Mister rico

As I seen, you well equiped to make this wonderfull image. Make this kind of work in Poser 4 is difficult, but not impossible !!!
Because it required lot of memory

And good choice of vehicules too !!!

Hope these folks will have a nice trip Because i've returned recently from a nice road trip too !!!

Friendly !!!

 26 Oct 2020 04:00
Thank you kindly all!

I placed a newer model big truck in at first, but apparently it was too detailed. It made the file size more than 3 times as big, and Poser 4 seemed to get stuck on the render. So I replaced it with an older model sports car which kept file size smaller and it rendered fine.

I was surprised that this scene used so much memory. I think it's because of both RELATIVELY high detailed polygon count and semi-detailed textures of the cars and prop in Poser. These items were made for newer versions of Poser but thankfully loaded fine in Poser 4.

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