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Poster: Maelstromme
Image: Moira
Image Details: ID: 8542 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 453 x 700 (112KB)
Posted: 17 Aug 2022 15:32
Views: 37
Pic Description: With the use of Poser and AI, came this result. An endearing older lady character. Enjoy!

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Poster Message
 17 Aug 2022 23:02
Yikes !! Dead-ringer for one of my aunts !! ( Now deceased...)

 18 Aug 2022 16:30
Hopefully that's a good thing! I had a lot of fun coming up with her, and in our RP, she's a salt of the earth, hard working woman who runs a boarding house. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I am smiling.
 26 Aug 2022 06:17

"the brite good morning voice, whose heard but never seen"
 26 Aug 2022 15:00
Thank you, Nex!

I am smiling.
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