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Hi, I'm Posy, welcome to Posetteforever
This site is about computer art, and how to make it with few or no money at all , so it is dedicated to Posette , that is simple and beautiful .
We are a group of friends that use to meet here for their fun , talking of art , sticking their pictures and sharing freebies each other . We encourage you to join this community as an active member...

In order to access all the site , you've to register so that we can control our bandwidth usage.
A working email address is needed for the registration, we're not commercially involved in anything so it's safe and it won't be used if not for sending you notifications of replies to your posts, comments to your pictures and notifications of new private messages in your inbox.
Posetteforever has no stores and no banners , everything that you find here is free and nothing can be posted on this site for pushing the users to buy something for their art . We can give you only some hints for the basic tools . There are no ratings , we value your art and we will try to give you some suggestions to improve it , even if the "pros" here are very few ...
This is not a store so we don't search for costumers , we search for friends . We're not interested in big numbers , for us it's enough to spend some time together ...
Our staff is not made of mercenaries so in order to easy their work a lot of email services has been banned, because they are the most used by comment spammers and harvesters , we're also part of the Project Honey Pot for helping tracking their activity .

You can contact an admin at if you have problems .. and we'll (maybe I'm sorry!) find a solution .

If you're a registered user and you're having problems logging in Mmmh... (thinking) please use the same address .
Sometimes all is due to a cookies problem, you can delete them in this page .
If you've a slow connection we suggest you to choose the Lo-Fi Version (link is always available at the bottom of the page).

Thank you

Posy Rosabella Posette, 24h online support of Posetteforever
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Addiction, still!
Addiction, still!
17 Mar 2011 08:46

Posetteforever rules! Posted  Saturday, 28 February 2004, 01:40 AM By Tormie
Hi friends, Some times ago I wrote some rules for the site, but they are disappeared misteriously 5 days ago ....

So I simply went to another forum, took their rules and adapted them to our si ...

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Upload - how to Posted  Friday, 27 February 2004, 10:56 PM By Tormie
Hi friends , just another tutorial:

[size=18:2d2a82e16e][color=blue:2d2a82e16e]how to upload something in the free stuff page:[/color:2d2a82e16e][/size:2d2a82e16e]

1- If you have y ...

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Download page or not ??? Posted  Saturday, 14 February 2004, 08:50 PM By Tormie
Hi friends , today I received this message:

> Tried to download files from Your page, but only got the message that I could
> not do that! Indeed it is unacceptable. So please delete me fro ...

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Leather boots for Posette
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A Face MT for my characteres Rachel and Reen
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