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3D Nightmares... Or... The little sculptor - AJ_ThinHair uploaded

ahjah [ Tuesday, 07 June 2022, 10:23 AM ]
Post subject: AJ_ThinHair uploaded
Hello everybody <br /> Just uploaded AJ_ThinHair, free morphing hair prop <br /> From the readme: <br /> "Hi friends! <br /> Sometimes you just need a simple casual haicut that don't steal the show. Most of the free wigs around are much too fancy for this task, not talking about payware. <br /> So I took a spherical mapped ball and cut some facets off, added some morphs for styling and movement, made a transmap, and here it is... "ThinHair". <br /> It takes any straight hair tile as texture. If you need more volume just load two of them scaled slightly different with different transmaps (four included), still easy on resources. <br /> This is not made for any special figure and saved as pp2. <br /> Should work in Poser 4+. <br /> Do anything you want with it, but keep it free. <br /> Happy experimenting." <br /> <br /> Have fun with it <br /> <br /> <a href="https://www.posetteforever.com/files/posted_images/78/promoth.jpg" target="_blank" title="Click to open image in new window"><img src="https://www.posetteforever.com/files/posted_images/78/promoth.jpg" alt="Image" width="400" title="Image" /></a>

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