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Whip The Admins... - Mandatory changes

Tormie [ Wednesday, 08 February 2017, 08:00 PM ]
Post subject: Mandatory changes
Hi friends <img src="" alt="" /> <br /> <br /> I paste a message that I received from the hosting provider where Posetteforever is located, in Germany. It looks like the version of the code of the site won't be supported anymore after the end of October. <br /> <br /> Well, it's time to migrate on another software or an updated version of the software. I would like to to take the occasion for doing some changes, mine and yours. I would like a site that can be smartphone compatible and more connected to the social networks. <br /> <br /> The main problem is that I forgot everything about programming the code of the site: here there are hundreds of hours spent in changes and modifications and it will take time to understand all, again, and transfer it on a different software. <br /> <br /> I'll probably move the software to a different hosting, here the cost rose to 67 euros per year and it is too much for a little site, I'll see what's on the market. <br /> <br /> If you've some ideas or know new software that can be used, your suggestion are welcome. <br /> <br /> <br /> Dear Mr Clerici <br /> <br /> We at Hetzner Online are writing to inform you that all support for PHP <br /> versions 4 and 5.2 will be discontinued for all web hosting accounts and <br /> managed servers starting on 31 October 2017. Please double-check to see <br /> whether or not you are currently using either of these versions on any <br /> of your accounts. If you still have scripts that require you to use <br /> these versions, then you have time until the above deadline to adjust <br /> your scripts. <br /> <br /> PHP itself stopped providing support for PHP 4 starting on 7 August <br /> 2008, and it stopped support for PHP 5.2 on 6 January 2011. In order to <br /> ensure that your accounts remained secure in the past, we at Hetzner <br /> Online integrated security updates from new PHP versions into the <br /> outdated versions. Unfortunately, this is very strenuous, time-consuming <br /> work. More importantly, since versions 4 and 5.2 are extremely outdated, <br /> it is no longer possible for us to guarantee the security of accounts <br /> which use these versions. For this reason, we must discontinue support <br /> for these versions for the forseeable future. <br /> <br /> Starting on 31 October 2017, all calls to the outdated versions of PHP <br /> will automatically be directed to the next-highest version of PHP, <br /> version 5.3.
Nik [ Thursday, 09 February 2017, 12:14 AM ]
Post subject: Re: Mandatory Changes
Sheesh... <br /> <br /> That's going to be a big, big jump. <br /> <br /> Sorry, can't help. Gave up BASIC coding when Windows made fun-stuff hard, dabbled in Python, never learned Java... <br /> == <br /> Still too exhausted post-'flu to assemble my CAD PC. Quite literally, I can't focus for long enough to try...

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