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Tormie [ Friday, 27 February 2004, 10:56 PM ]
Post subject: Upload - how to
Hi friends <img src="http://www.posetteforever.com/images/smiles/heartbeat.gif" alt="" /> , just another tutorial: <br /> <br /> [size=18:2d2a82e16e][color=blue:2d2a82e16e]how to upload something in the free stuff page:[/color:2d2a82e16e][/size:2d2a82e16e] <br /> <br /> 1- If you have your own page where the file is located, this is <b>better</b> , just fill the appropriate field with the link ! Sooner or later the server will be out of space so I'll need to delete the old pictures and relocate the files even if I actually don't know where. If you don't have your own space <b>then</b> upload the file. <br /> <br /> 2- Use the upload page, it's <b>better</b> for me because later I've only to approve or unapprove the file. If you send me the file I'll have to fill all the fields, and you know how much I'm lazy !!! <br /> <br /> 3- I added a checkbox in the upload page so now it should be clearer that after the upload your file is not immediatly available, it should be approved by an admin (for example me) so send a private message to advice, I repeat, the admins here are very lazy (someone has disappeared at all <img src="http://www.posetteforever.com/images/smiles/eusa_think.gif" alt="" /> ) so if you don't post the advice it could pass a whole year before you can see the file on the board ! You can even simply post a message in the forum to advice that your file needs approval !
Anonymous [ Tuesday, 30 March 2004, 08:31 AM ]
Post subject: 
I have few items to share...but file size average is over 2megs on most. <br /> I`m working on ethier a egroup to upload or a website. <br /> I had to rebuild my tripod site, but I think a yahoo group might workout. <br /> all files should be zipped. <br /> Once I get things together I will let ya know. <img src="http://www.posetteforever.com/images/smiles/eusa_think.gif" alt="" /> <img src="http://www.posetteforever.com/images/smiles/eusa_think.gif" alt="" />

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