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Tormie [ Monday, 20 May 2019, 04:57 PM ]
Post subject: How things are going
Hi friends <img src="" alt="" /> <img src=" (6).gif" alt="" /> , how are you ? <br /> <br /> Long time no see. <br /> <br /> Well, I must put things short and straight: my life is a mess, my relationship with my mate is at an end and I really don't know what and if my life will go. In this perspective, friends, I've no more interests in poser or in computer graphics and it's time to find a new owner/contibutor to Posetteforever, or leave it die. I won't be here amymore, I'm sorry. It was an interesting part of my strange life, I knew a lot of peculiar people all around the world and I loved them all, but for a reason or another I was always a step behind. Well, I was in a warzone, I had cancer, I travelled alone, but inside myself, deep inside myself, I'm a coward. I tried to change it but it is the way i was born, I can't change it. I struggled to have a family but I failed, I found some good friends here, the best friends in my life, most of them I met in person at the other side of the world. Time is passing, and I spent the best years of my life doing nothing, now I'm getting old and there is nothing in my hands. <br /> <br /> So said friends, please let me know if someone want to take ownership of Posetteforever, I'll be glad to pass to him the ownership for the name and the site, I'll always be here for technical support, if needed, but I can't pay no more. Actually the expenses are about 70 euros a year to Hetzner, for the domain name and the web space, but it can be transferred anywhere else <br /> <br /> I'm sorry friends, this is a chapter of my life I need to close, like other chapters, I need to go forward and be free, I need my mind very light if you know what I mean. <br /> <br /> So friends, let me know, shortly, if somenone want to keep this site, or let her die. <br /> <br /> A hug to you my friends, and I'm very sorry to have let you alone, alone for nothing <br /> <br /> Davide, known as Tormie.
Chromium [ Monday, 20 May 2019, 07:04 PM ]
Post subject: Re: How Things Are Going
Hi Tormie. <br /> <br /> Sorry to hear how things are going... <img src="" alt="" /> <br /> <br /> You're the priority, and I suppose nothing lasts forever, including Posette Forever... <br /> <br /> I understand, you want your freedom... and a quick answer. <br /> <br /> I'm more than happy to pay the 70 euros to keep this site running. <br /> <br /> As long as Ahjah, does his Admin role, and provided you can help with the site maintenance. <br /> <br /> I honestly have no interest in site maintenance (my coding days are behind me), if a trusted member volunteers then I think we can keep plodding along. <br /> <br /> I'll wait to see what Ahjah says, in case he has another plan. <br /> <br /> We'll keep the light on!
ahjah [ Monday, 20 May 2019, 11:22 PM ]
Post subject: Re: How things are going
<img src=" (6).gif" alt="" /> Hello Davide <br /> <br /> Good to hear from you, even if it's not good news. <br /> We never met in person, but I'm pretty sure, you're not a "coward", whatever this should be. I never got the concept anyway. You shouldn't put yourself down. I never managed to have children and a family, either. I never build a house, not even planted a tree, I never did a bungee jump or stuff like this. Still, I consider myself a strong person. I fought alcohol addiction (29 years sober now), I made lot's of music, I did much less harm to our ecosystem than average people, never owned a car, never traveled by plane, but I made a lot more people happy than sad. There's nothing to touch or look at, but this is what I'm proud of and you should be too. <br /> We struggle every day, we fall, we get up again, solve problems, create new ones doing so. That's human. That's life. That's how it's supposed to be. If all this is over one day, that's what we call death and it seems a pretty boring place to me. <img src=" (6).gif" alt="" /> <br /> <br /> About the future of Posetteforever, Even if the costs for this don't seem high. I'm not able to contribute. I'm on early retirement, and that's about the poorest state to be here in Germany. I have a roof over my head and don't have to starve, but not much more. <br /> <br /> To be honest I have often thought of quitting the job here over the last months. <br /> It's about the only reason I still keep a computer. I'm tired of what the www has become like, and old enough to know life is possible without, and the REAL things have to be done in REAL life, still. <br /> So I'm not sure if I want to go on like this, or look at it as a chance to drop out, too. <br /> <br /> I don't want to decide this right now, and have to sleep it over. After all PF is kind of home and family to me since sixteen years now. This is no easy decision...
ahjah [ Friday, 24 May 2019, 08:30 PM ]
Post subject: Re: How things are going
Hello friends <img src="" alt="" /> <br /> I've not made up my mind, yet. As it looks, I am to decide the future of PF. <br /> Of course, I don't like the idea of being the one to set an end to this. I love this place, and it really should stay. <br /> On the other hand, I feel, I need some changes in my life, and they should happen soon, getting older. My "job" here has kept me from doing this changes in the past more than once, That's o.k., was my decision. But the day has to come, I don't want to do this forever. <br /> So I am thinking, is Your leaving, Davide, a wake up call for me, too? <br /> I really wish somebody could take this from me...
Tormie [ Saturday, 25 May 2019, 05:38 PM ]
Post subject: Re: How things are going
Well, I'll leave this topic run for a while, anyway I don't see a lot of people here talking <img src="" alt="" /> <br /> <br /> I worked a lot on this site, just a lot, I see it and I smile, even only for the smilies <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> <br /> <br /> There is more to say: the topic (posette, poser4) does not attract people , or enough people. <br /> <br /> You know, I never used the site as an opportunity to make cash, that is a little strange, so I never cared about how many people was on it, nevertheless it looks like one of those abandoned place in the middle of the desert. <br /> <br /> So I thought at two possibilities: <br /> <br /> The only one that stepped forward is Chromium, so I'm more than glad to transfer to him the property of the domain name (posetteforever) and the site itself (that is hosted in Germany now, on Hetzner). The site (and the domain) can be obvioulsy trandferred anywhere, and I can be contacted for the technical side. <br /> <br /> The other possibility is to start from the beginning, with a new site, something that can attract more people, something like "art for free" or "art for the poor" with contents and istructions for making art without spending money, and our freebies can be kept as a section. <br /> there is also a reason for this: the software of the site is still based on php 5, whatever it can mean to you, this is no more supported and It's very, very difficult to trander all the messages on a new site. <br /> Nowadays, we need something that can communicate with social media (facebook, instagram, youtube etc.) <br /> <br /> I'm enthusiast on new projects, anyway actually I do not have much time: I need to work hard here and I've many other issues (and my english is not improving, you see <img src="" alt="" /> ) <br /> <br /> Th host (Hetzner) works very well, the problem is that the cost is increasing, and you know, I'm not here if not once or twice a year, even because I'm very often on a smartphone, and the site can not be easily usabel on a smartphone. <br /> <br /> Other hosts do not support php 5 anymore so I'm in a loophole. <br /> <br /> Suggestions are very welcome friend, in order to have our community improving we have to change, for example, I've my girlfriend that make works in polymer clay, and she could write tutorials (he has a site, but it's commercial), she can help me, but she doesn't know about poser. <br /> <br /> let me know, I'm open to everything.
Nik [ Wednesday, 29 May 2019, 07:16 PM ]
Post subject: Re: How Things Are Going
would some sponsorship / donation via paypal help ?? <br /> N

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