Subject: Are Some Of Pitklad Old Things Available Elsewhere?
With Planit3d board completely gone, some of Pitklad old stuff (the original Nea, InjNea, NeJa, and I think that I forget some other things) has disappeared. Did Pitklad post some of that elsewhere?.

Subject: Re: Are Some Of Pitklad Old Things Available Elsewhere?
Hi A_C_C :hi:

I'm afraid the stuff posted at Planit3D has gone from the web.
As you know we have some of his stuff here. Everything else available should be at ShareCG, maybe under his other alias "Narcissus" . I don't know of any other location :mmmh:

Subject: Re: Are Some Of Pitklad Old Things Available Elsewhere?
Actually the things that are on the site proper are still online, what has disappeared is what was in posted in the board. And he picked his things from sharecg and disappeared (he has Nea 2.12 and a hair for Nea in R'osity, and that is).

Subject: Re: Are Some Of Pitklad Old Things Available Elsewhere?
Was PitKlad yet another victim of SL piracy ??

IIRC, a *significant* number of Poser prop & clothing artists have reluctantly removed their freebies and 'budget' content after discovering those had been converted to SL format and sold without authority or attribution...

Can't exactly rumble into SL with a 'WOT' Super-BOLO and serve a 'class action'...

Um, another member, a 'Classics' P4F artist who'd posted freebie links here, has pulled their stuff from SCG. Though the items still show on R**y, they all linked back to SCG. Google could not find their thumbnails or titles on the wwweb, so I must assume they're archived off-line or simply lost...

FWIW, there's been a LOT of the site deaths lately, as domains aren't renewed. A different problem may be archival storage. A decade ago, I lost most of my CAD WIP & archive to a batch of bad HDDs plus an electrical storm short-cycling power. A slide-mounted E: drive survived, either due a different brand or its very-low 'hourage'.

I've mentioned else-where about finding a cache of '3DWorld' cover disks laden with Poser freebies. They 'read' okay. Sadly, a 'budget' compilation of Baument / Baumgarten freebies (*) was less fortunate. Either Win'8 cannot read the old format or that blue CD-W has 'oxidised', despite being kept in a case in the dark...

*) Yes, I bought a disk of freebies. In those 'dial-up' days, routers and site-servers ran exceedingly slowly, and down-loads often failed part-way through...

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