The Big Posette's database

The Big Posette's database
Post The Big Posette's database 
I began this thread in order to collect all the known free resources available for our beloved Posette, here you can post a link, a description and a comment (if you want
Thank you for your support!

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 Tormie [ 09 Apr 2003 19:48 ]

The Big Posette's database
Here's a quick link to get the ball rolling.

Some good and some different head morphs for Posette here,

Check the rest of the site too.


 Ozymandias Jones [ 10 Apr 2003 04:01 ]
Some more morphs and .cr2's for Posette and Dork. There are some very different ones here. Maybe not to make her beautiful but to turn our beloved Posette into a demon or goblin or an old woman.

Also some body part morphs.

This also used to be one of the 'home' sites of the Eve P4W character. But it seems to be missing now.

 Ozymandias Jones [ 10 Apr 2003 04:31 ]
Post Head morph.... 
I think that they are good the morph of  this autor
Hackworthless posted on Renderosity....

(Edit made by Den Tracy as there was a direct link to author's page)

i have downlods it
for me are preety morph....

by by


 mosca [ 10 Apr 2003 12:40 ]
Thanks for the link mosca.
*** I had to edit the post as you have provided a direct link to another forum's freebies which is a commercial site. ***
In future it would be better in future to say ...

"The author HackWorthless has good morphs over at Renderosity"

We can go over there and do a search for the name Hackworthless and go from there.

Those are good morphs and I have some of them.

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 Den Tracy [ 10 Apr 2003 15:30 ]
The Posette-Eve character (the Posette I use always...) and search for Arduino in memberlist

The "Bodymorpher" Posette in the Staale one and search for Staale in memberlist

Don't forget Tonaz's Teen Mary and Teen Ann and search for Tonaz in memberlist

The Yamato's JPconverter Injection Poses (only for p4woman or staale model) are here (you MUST have this great joint mod):

The BEST clothes made for Posette are made by ISOP:

to be continued...

 Tormie [ 10 Apr 2003 19:24 ]
Thanks Tormie for the JPConverter link.  This has been a problem with some of my poses for some time now.

 Den Tracy [ 13 Apr 2003 14:08 ]

Good props for Posette (and not only for her), Russian

Good props for Posette and Dork (and many other props), Japanese

 Tormie [ 13 Apr 2003 20:07 ]

Great clothes for Posette !

 Tormie [ 16 Apr 2003 21:15 ]

[color=#0900ff:a62d43b192]GREAT site, full of characters, a "must have" in your favourites' folder![/color:a62d43b192]

 Tormie [ 17 Apr 2003 21:52 ]

[color=#e300ff:5b0260e190]This is the home of the Staale's bodymorpher Posette, You MUST have this Posette ![/color:5b0260e190]

 Tormie [ 17 Apr 2003 21:56 ]

[color=#7f0000:199e104d2a]This is the home of EVE Posette, The Posette I prefer ! A great character... A lot of other free stuff...[/color:199e104d2a]

 Tormie [ 17 Apr 2003 22:06 ]
Post latexa for posette... 
see this...
in so interesting...


 mosca [ 21 Apr 2003 14:57 ]
[color=#ff0012:a34dbabd58]Latexa[/color:a34dbabd58] eh ? :oink: :oink: :oink:

 Tormie [ 21 Apr 2003 16:31 ]
[color=#ff0012:b9d5eae173]Latexa[/color:b9d5eae173] eh ? :oink: :oink: :oink:

is no good char???


 mosca [ 21 Apr 2003 23:49 ]
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