Magnets Made EASY!!

Magnets Made EASY!!
Post Magnets Made EASY!! 
Here's a little gem I found that doesn't seem to have been unearthed in this forum yet.

MirrorMags32 by les bentley, free on ShareCG!

A Python script that comes with 'poses' that are applyable from the pose library, works for both Mac and Windows, and is for Poser 5 or greater.  WARNING TO MAC USERS: the documentation in the readme states dire consequences if you do not install it right, make sure you are following the proper installation proceedure when using!

What this does is has even numbered magnets mirror changes made to odd numbered magnets automatically!  Seems to have more features as well, but my god, it makes magnets so much less hassle to work with.  Just make your magnets, parent them to the appropriate body parts and then apply MirrorMag32 to the figure (applyable as a 'pose' in your pose folder).   The magnets with a even number assigned to them (Magnet 2, magnet 4, magnet 6, etc) will dissappear, but will automatically mirror any movements made to the odd numbered magnets (magnet 1, magnet 3, magnet 5, etc).

VERY useful for achieving symmetry when using magnets to manipulate different side of a head, thighs, buttocks, etc!

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 Lickitung [ 18 Dec 2009 02:34 ]

Magnets Made EASY!!
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Looks interesting, I'll give it a try
by now, I'm using a more simple script, Mag Cloner...

 ahjah [ 18 Dec 2009 05:09 ]
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Thanks for the heads up Lickitung, I'll have to try them out. Ahjah, where can I get Mag Cloner?

 Marv [ 18 Dec 2009 18:34 ]
Post Re: Magnets Made EASY!! 
Hi Marv
Mag Cloner was a script by bushi at, page is down, unfortunally.
Lots of useful scripts at  

 ahjah [ 18 Dec 2009 19:07 ]
Post Re: Magnets Made EASY!! 
Thanks Ahjah I'll take a look.

 Marv [ 18 Dec 2009 19:09 ]
Post Re: Magnets Made EASY!! 
thanks for that URL, ahjah.  I checked it out, lots of useful stuff!  

 Lickitung [ 18 Dec 2009 20:15 ]
Post Re: Magnets Made EASY!! 
   I'll take a look too, thank you everyone

 Tormie [ 20 Dec 2009 22:58 ]
Post Re: Magnets Made EASY!! 
I was one of the pre-release testers for this freebie; I'm be very surprised that I did not post any info here about it at that time.

MM32 is a great time saver for those that use multiple Poser magnets on a figure.
I use it quite often for fitting clothing to non-standard characters. (...although I have used it for other things as well...)

 Whazizname [ 21 Dec 2009 02:01 ]
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