Mixamo FBX Mannequin

Mixamo FBX Mannequin
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Hi ! After belatedly clearing our surfeit of ivy off house gable end, I finally got around to another long-queued task.

Remember I got some free FBX figures from Mixamo ? (Free registration / log-in required...)

Guards, Mannequin, Peasant woman. All 'retro' FBX 6.1 format, T-posed by preference...

After my problems doing 'remote render' with the Medieval-ish Guards, I left the Mannequin and Peasant aside. With the 'Guards' self-resolved, I suspect some arcane Windows' Update issue(s), the others have floated to top of my Poser 'ToDo: Short-ish' list

So, Mannequin FBX: ~ 37 MB. Contains own textures, unloads them to an FBM folder during import. Does so at default 100% original scale, with single compliant rig, T-posed, stood. Single material auto-loads diffuse, gloss, normal/bump and specular textures.

D'uh, why can't more FBX models 'Play Nice' thus ??

Readily posable within reasonable limits. Just click on relevant body-part, twirl xyzRotate dials. Replace supplied texture set with eg shop-plastic, marble, mummy bandages etc to taste.


I ran figure through a free UV mapper, found a 'layout' that matched diffuse texture. Here's a 'finder' map. The 'B' shape is head, dense patch in its mid-line is chin. What would be mouth on hood-flared cobra if you sorta squint a bit. Easy to daub features using eg free Irfan View...


After I've done much the same for the 'Peasant Woman', I'll investigate other Mixamo freebies, also their free rigging service. I don't expect a Panacea but, being able to sufficiently auto-rig even some OBJs, or re-rig some cranky, multi-sub-rig FBX files would be so nice.

 Nik [ 15 Apr 2022 17:36 ]

Mixamo FBX Mannequin
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Ah, the link...


At approx #20 on first page if you scroll down...

 Nik [ 15 Apr 2022 17:40 ]
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   Thank you kindly Nik!

  Free rigging service ...?! Cooool !

 rico [ 19 Apr 2022 12:07 ]
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Free rigging service ...?! Cooool !

As yet, untested.

Having stripped all that ivy off wall, I've now to fit a 'cable entry' box on patio wall for new TV down-lead. Ivy had grown over existing cable.  With ivy gone, weary down-lead was able to flap about, promptly lost even the strongest stations from 'local' mast...

I'd expected this, ordered in the 'makings', but had to wait ~ 3 months for a bug-proof enclosure-vent. Looks like a cable gland, rather than a simple panel 'breather'. We blamed delay on Covid etc, but seems first managed to escape in the post. Local sorting office spotted the empty baggy, returned it to sender. Who politely cancelled the order. Oops !!

Kudos to them: When we figured out what had happened, and I re-ordered, they up-graded package to air-mail...

 Nik [ 19 Apr 2022 16:53 ]
Post Re: Mixamo FBX Mannequin 
Awesome, that's kind of them!

Airmail ... 'drone delivery' these days

 rico [ 20 Apr 2022 07:23 ]
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