A New Seam Of Freebie Props: RailSim Accessories

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#1  Nik 16 Oct 2022 19:35

I'm used to .X props for both XNA/Lara format and their MMD cousins. I was surprised to come across a .X variety on BowlRoll intended as a Rail_Sim accessory. No log-on or password required. This model lacked glyphs, but I'd open with free Bandizip (codepage: Japanese) if it had any.

Delve the folder tree via 'Struct' to reach the .X meshes. These open in free PMX Editor (link below) but are ~10x larger than equivalent MMD prop: eg a rectangular planter was big enough to swim laps, its sides and base far off-screen. Otherwise, much the same as a 'normal' PMX or X prop.

When you load or import a PMX or X file, there's an x1/10, x1, x10 scaling field. I usually leave this on default x1, but I'd recommend x1/10 for these Rail_Sim props.

As, like PMX, these X files also use left-handed coordinates compared to eg OBJ, I used PMX Editor (EN) to Mirror each model --View, Mirror Model, Are_You_Sure ?-- before exporting --File, Export, drop-down to OBJ, default x1 scale.

Four PNG files held plant-pot materials in different shades, the fifth, the 'foliage' PNG had a transparency map in its alpha-channel. I saved this out as a JPG using free Irfan View.

The OBJ+MTL files loaded well at ~10% default scale. I hand-loaded their alpha channel map to 'transparency', dialled this to 1.0. As models are 'flipped', I corrected their texture mapping by setting each V_Scale -1.0

After an initial glitch, the planters rendered well with Superfly, 64 pixel samples, progressive, 1024 vols + buckets.


Note that many trains / wagons offered on BowlRoll are less compliant than these planter props. Most 'rolling stock' comes as sorta 'Ikea' kits, assembly required...

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