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Subject: Download page or not ???
Hi friends , today I received this message:

> Tried to download files from Your page, but only got the message that I could
> not do that! Indeed it is unacceptable. So please delete me from Your list. I
> am not comming back!!!!

I replied that if he has a problem he can ask for help in the forum, we have not only a download page for his needs... (I erased him as he asked)

This message really disturbed me, I know that nearly all the accounts here were created only to download our freebies and our community counts about 10 - 15 real members ( :heartbeat: ) and I'm very happy to share the works of our artists...

So this is the poll, you will decide the future of the download page...


I can understand your feelings, the world is full of assholes.
we have to live with that. :roll:
On the other hand, to be honest, I came here myself for search of freebies merely a year ago, and just get stuck.

Thatīs, why I think itīs impotant to keep the freebies for all. If 1% comes comes to stay, itīs more than nothing.

Iīd like to share some stuff in future too, and if most of the people are not as thankfull as they should be... well, people are people :wink:

so long

I guess we can't please everybody all the time.Its a shame that someone takes it so hard and then wants to quit.I know sometimes I don't go online here all the time, but you are friends and I do find this home.I would say just leave as is and move on.You have a great site Davide and I would'nt want it any other way.As they say "If it is'nt broke, why fix it" =; Keep on keepin on. :bigrinnin: :clap: :D/

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P.S. I hope I am one of the 16 members you spoke about. 8-[ :-# :whistle: :pray:

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Hi Tormie!
That was a really rude email you got. I'd say leave it the way it is and forget about him and those like him/her. You have a great site and the freebies isn't the main reason that i'm here:) I think that freebies can often be what attracts people at first, but it's not what makes them stay. Idiots are everywhere, but i like to think that they are a minority.
I have encountered a few, very few, people that have abused my freebies, like redistrubting them under another name and even one case of someone selling a freebie. I thought about stop giving freebies then. But then i decided that the reason for why i give away freebies is more important to me than a few idiots taking advantage of the fact that they can get something for free.

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When you have any type web`re bound to get "Flames"
The error was on the part of numbie who tried a download...that person likely hit
a wrong button and needed somebody to blame beside themself.
Blow it off like dust on a window cill. :)

:heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

I gotta agree with the general concensus here. :clap:
I too originally came here in search of freebies, and started posting recently because of the more relaxed, friendly atmosphere that I found. :bigrinnin: :heartbeat: :bigrinnin:
Besides, I'm just starting to get the hang of MorphMaster and I'll need somewhere to share my Posy and Dork morphs! :D/ :D/ :D/

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Uncle Tormentor...
don't warry be happy :-)
You made a great work...
I have submitted my vote...


Subject: Re: Download page or not ???
Hey Bro,
I'm sorry I haven't written before, but I enjoy reading the other e-mails and originally I joined because I got Poser 4 last spring and was learning from people in the forum. I hope you don't elimidate the free downloads because you hurt the new render makers.
I do Poser renders and comics for the Wizard's Lair and Scarlet's home page. I have severe arthritis and can no longer draw so I was happy to be able to make art again.


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Don't worry spade, I ask the opinion of you all with a poll. That email really disturbed me... I'm glad you emerged from lurking :bigrinnin: ... I'm very sorry for your arthritis... Don't hesitate to ask what you want, even if we are all noobs with Poser, who winned something here succeeded only with a very big bribe :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

@Tormantor (this is not a PM you can see this :bigrinnin: )

Is only my idea but...
The free stuff section must be reserved to subcrived and active member...
the user which writes to you is a stupid,
but thhis is quite diffuse ...


If the only point of people joining is to join up, download the free stuff and disappear,
there is no point of having it.
As far as that person is concerned, if he emailed me with that attitude, his IP would be banned
and sorry ass would be kic ked out of here.
Too many kurkers who contribute NOTHING.
They don't make up a community, they simply don't exist.
I agree with mosca and that active members should only be allowed to download.
There is enough free stuff elsewhere for these people to loot and pillage and again
contribute nothing.
If I sound harsh, too bad.

It is still your site and you call all the shots. In my opinion, lurkers serve no purpose.
Lurk for awhile, if you lack confidence, but don't lurk forever.
We are a reasonable group of people with varying artistic skills and are tolerant
of all levels of ability.

(Ban all the lurkers.... :bigrinnin: :bigrinnin: )
(No matter how much they beg.... :whistle: )

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:-k I understand your point of view Den, but I agree with other friends, who went here for freebies and liked the place. I hope that our community will enlarge a little more (not too much because I pay only 4gb of monthly bandwidth :whistle: ).
As you know I used to erase users who don't come here for a long time, but who know ? Sooner or later maybe they'll come here to stay, so I delete only users who don't activate the account (false email) after 3 weeks.

The download software doesn't have all the features I need, but it's in a beta testing stage, in the future it should be more selective...

I say keep the freebies, but only if it doesn't give you ongoing trouble! There is enough to worry about without assholes like that getting you down.

The world is full of bastards and I say screw 'em if they don't appreciate something for free. How the hell people can have the audacity to bitch about something made by another person in their precious spare time, hosted at someone elses expense and provided for free is beyond me.

I am a very forgiving person and ultra patient... but if someone takes me to task (in a bad way, polite, constructive criticism is always welcome) over something I have done for free... look out.

This is not to do with the Poser world, I might add, but in my other 'real world' hobbies and business. When I do release some of the Poser items I am working on, the same will apply.

Just my two cents... :)

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