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#1  Nik 09 Nov 2021 05:34

I found a free 'disused subway' model on DA, linked to page on 'bowlroll'.


File was in MMD PMX format, which I exported to OBJ+MTL using free PMX Editor, also from DA. In addition to the 'as-is' export, which comes out swapped L/R, I used the Editor tool to 'mirror' file then export.

Problem, beyond each being a ~10 MB file, was the pendant lights were not 'grouped' with their own materials or textures. They were just bright spots on subway's '4k' 25 MB texture map.

This would make them almost impossible to use as Poser luminaires. I had to separate the lamps' meshes, then overlay them 'lit'.

I've tried this before with other models. Sadly, although I've dissected them okay, each portion has ended up as a separate material. That could be an advantage if I want several bulbs to 'die', but bad news if it spawns 20~30~99~250 materials. Here it would only be 'half a dozen'. Still, I'd prefer a way to stick the portions back together.

I'm using TurboCAD 2016, have the PDF manual open on fourth screen. To get monolithic model to editable form, I used the 'Explode' tool. I 'grouped' the lamp bulbs before export as OBJ. They came out as separate materials. I 'blocked' the lamp bulbs. They came out as separate materials. I tried as 'library' objects and something else I cannot remember. Each still separate.

Finally, after consulting the manual, I backed up and 3D Boolean Added the individual bulbs.

Took several attempts but, suddenly, they exported as one (1) combined lamp-set.
Not half-a-dozen individual lamps...
Yay !!

This is what I wanted for these lights, but opens another can of worms: To do the same for the subway's hoop frames, or those hoops' many bolts, or the track bed's feet, or the track-bed feet's bolts etc etc I'd have to manually select their individual components, one by one.

So, I'll have to study the manual further, do some experimenting...

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Post Re: Putting It Back Together...

#2  rico 10 Nov 2021 20:31

Thank you very much Nik! A really cool find, I wanted one similar to this! & thank you for the detailed information to go with it   

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