Coaxing Another FBX Figure's Face...

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#1  Nik 23 Mar 2022 14:13

I found a nice, free anime figure on DA. Came as MMD PMX, and FBX formats...

Oh, and .blend...

FBX imported okay when scaled to ~10% original. Zero-rotations to flip upright. Single rig, readily posable !!

There's a PMX toon hue BMP missing, which 'threw' Poser's auto-load. I hand-loaded the textures by reference to the obvious name-matches, then the material list of PMX version opened in free PMX Editor...

Preview okay, Firefly render okay, Superfly face a mess. So, tweak. Still a mess. Iterate. Again a mess...

I must have generated two dozen quickie trial renders before posting query on Rendo.

Got a nice reply with complex recipes for assembling Superfly / Cycles nodes to give a clean render. It works, but is 'Magik' as I do not understand how or why.....

Analogy: Remember school math, solving "ax^2 + bx + c = 0" quadratics ??

Fifty-some years along, I can still chant, "x = (-b ± √ (bČ - 4ac) )/2a"

And, once upon a time, I could even derive that formula...

Alas, my wits hit a 'WTF ??' 'glass ceiling' at 'cubratics' and non-trivial calculus. FWIW, that's around when I lost my Chess...

Cycles' Nodes seem to have triggered another 'WTF ??' wits-crash...

Will report back if make progress.

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Post Re: Coaxing Another FBX Figure's Face...

#2  rico 29 Mar 2022 18:03

Huh? Now I gotta upgrade math skills to handle Poser! Oh peanut !

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