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#1  rico 14 Oct 2020 00:24

Hi all

I got an email yesterday, 13 October 2020, from DAZ3D saying that they're giving away free 3 months of PC+ (Platinum Club Plus) membership .


> The Email

Here's the information from the email...

3 Months ‘Platinum Club Plus’ For Free

We’re giving you a free 3-month Membership to Platinum Club+.

When you join Platinum Club+, you get incredible offers like extra freebies, a 30% discount on all Daz Originals and over 70% OFF tons of items.

To get 3 months of this awesome membership for free, select the Quarterly PC+ Membership in your cart and use coupon code: “SAVE-TONS-O-MOOLA” at checkout.



> What is PC+ membership?

For those who are not familiar with it, 3 months PC+ membership usually costs $24. It's valid for 3 months. You can get items for as low as $1.99. Also, every month, for 3 months, you get 2 coupons:

a) “Monthly Coupon valued at $6 off Daz Originals. Excludes Platinum Club items, gift cards, FastGrab, and memberships.

The coupon is valid until the end of the month. You can only use it on DAZ ORIGINALS items with the exclusions mentioned above. For example, if I wanted to buy a DAZ ORIGINALS dress for V4 which costs $10 then I can use the coupon and the dress will cost me $4 ($10-$6). If the dress happens to be on a 50% sale ($5) and I use the coupon ($6) then I end up getting the item for FREE ($5-$6).

b) “Monthly Coupon PA (Promotion Artist) Coupon valued at $6 off $18 on Daz, PC, and PA items. Excludes new releases, gift cards, FastGrab, and memberships.

This coupon is also valid until the end of the month. It can be used on ANY items with the exclusions mentioned above. The items in your cart must cost at least $18 for this coupon to apply. For example, if I choose to purchase 8 PC+ items which cost $1.99 and 1 PC item which costs $2.99, that's a total cost of $18.91 in the cart for 9 items. Now, I apply this coupon which gives me a $6 discount... so I end up paying $12.91 for the 9 items.


> Current PC+ Annual Sale

At the moment, DAZ3D is having its annual PC+ sale, where twice a week, they offer a selection of PC+ items for sale, during which you can choose 8 PC+ items for only $2.99... that's $0.38 per PC+ item.

Also, during this period, they're giving away a pack of nice PC+ freebies each week .


> Cancelling Membership

If you choose to use this free 3 month membership, REMEMBER THIS...

... by default, membership is set for AUTO-RENEWAL at the end of the 3 month period. This would mean that if you start this free membership today 14 October 2020, then 3 months later, on 14 January 2021, membership cost for another 3 months will automatically be deducted from your PayPal/Credit account... UNLESS, YOU CANCEL MEMBERSHIP AHEAD OF TIME , for example on 7 January 2021, then it won't 'autorenew' and you won't be charged $24 for the next 3 months and your membership will end.

You cancel PC+ membership at the DAZ3D site AS WELL AS cancel its 'autorenew' at the PayPal/Credit account site... both places, then its cancelled, ahead of time.


> Free

So, basically, during this sale period, other than various discounts, you can get a pack of FREE PC+ items each week, and each month you get discount coupons (if you only use the normal monthly $6 DAZ ORIGINALS coupon to buy items which cost less than $6, then you are in effect getting those items FREE too). Just the freebies alone are worth the 3 month temporary membership.

A bunch of FREEBIES & FREE COUPONS for 3 months!

I just joined the free PC+ membership for 3 months on my secondary DAZ3D account... BUT I MUST MAKE A REMINDER on my phone or computer calendar   to CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP by 07 January 2021 to avoid being 'autorenewed' & 'autocharged' for a further 3 months.

> Further details

Here's further information from DAZ3D's product page...

"For only $8 a month, get FIVE free items per month and OVER 70% OFF the regular price of thousands of Platinum Club+ items. As an added bonus, you’ll get an EXTRA 30% OFF all Daz Original items including new releases*

What's Included and Features

    • Monthly and Weekly Free Items
    • 30% off ALL Daz Original Products including new releases*
    • Thousands of PC+ products over 70% off the regular price
    • $6 monthly coupon for Daz Original products*
    • Exclusive PC+ items released every week, for as low as $1.99
    • Extra $6 coupon code towards any purchase of $18 or more, every month!**
    • Premier Access to the Member's Only forum

*Excludes PC+ or fast grab Items, Gift Cards, Memberships, and specific promotions.

**Excludes Gift cards, memberships, new items, fast grab and specific promotions.

Your Membership Starts Right Away: Once purchased, your account permissions will begin immediately and you will start receiving the Platinum Club Plus savings as well as full access to all Members Only areas

Membership Renewal: Your Membership will be renewed automatically every three months and up to five days before the expiration date. If you do not wish to renew, you will need to cancel your Membership before the automatic renewal. If you cancel your membership, you will remain in Platinum Club until your expiration date

Coupon Codes: Coupon codes are made available at the beginning of each month. They are publicized in the Platinum Club Plus Newsletter, Members Only forum and your Platinum Club Plus Portal in your account; they will be valid for the duration of that month only. Coupons restrictions may apply.

No refunds on Platinum Club Subscriptions: There are no refunds for Platinum Club Memberships. You may cancel your membership at any time, and you will receive your PC+ benefits until your expiration date.

Update Payment Methods: To update the payment method on your account, you will need to cancel the current Membership and repurchase the Membership with the new payment method, or it will renew to the original payment method, if your original payment method is expired or there are insufficient funds, the Membership will decline. Please be sure the Membership is tied to your choice of payment method to avoid missing your PC Benefits. Purchases can be made with Discover, American Express, VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, Daz Gift Cards, or Daz Store Credit.

Paypal Cancellation: If you are paying via PayPal, be sure to cancel your PayPal Subscription as well

(For Quarterly: Platinum Club Plus Quarterly Membership only requires one payment of $24 in order to maintain membership privileges for a full 3 months. After purchasing a 3-month membership you can set your billing cycle through the Platinum Club Plus portal in your account. You can choose quarterly ($24/3 months) or annual ($70/12 months).

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