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Shadows of The Past X

Poster: JanReinar
Image: Shadows of The Past X
Image Details: ID: 2648 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 753 x 753 (328KB)
Posted: 28 Aug 2005 13:41
Views: 137
Pic Description: Rachel and Dugall find Asimer and Sharlee near the forest.

"Is your name Nemo?" , Sharlee is a very curious girl.

"Yes but I am not the guy with the submarine!"

"I know that you fool!"

"You are the first pe... Shots in the forest!"

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Poster Message
 28 Aug 2005 14:03
A splendid scene with excellent mood and characters. Cheers

 28 Aug 2005 15:19
Quote-"Yes but I am not the guy with the submarine!"
Thats funny. Great job Johnny. You throw some quick ones in there.

Two wrongs don't make a right.
But six left turns will get you around the block
and back in the driveway again.
 28 Aug 2005 15:58
I like her outfit! It is a magnificent story

 28 Aug 2005 17:12

 28 Aug 2005 17:26
Thanks for view and comment friends!

Here we go!

 28 Aug 2005 21:05

[font=Comic Sans MS:41082e03eb][size=18:41082e03eb][i:41082e03eb][color=green:41082e03eb]GOJIRA[/color:41082e03eb][/i:41082e03eb][/size:41082e03eb][/font:41082e03eb]

 28 Aug 2005 23:07
Thanks for comment Gojira!

Here we go!

 05 Sep 2005 22:01


 06 Sep 2005 12:51
Thanks for view Pangor!

Here we go!

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