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Just to put a piccy on the screen...

Poster: Nik
Image: Just to put a piccy on the screen...
Image Details: ID: 8425 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 882 x 1176 (170KB)
Posted: 17 Jun 2021 02:19
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Pic Description: I found a nice generic ''Flatscreen TV'' freebie by ''Greenpots'' on Rendo...

It was supplied as Poser PP2 format, but the bundled textures did not seem to include a default piccy for its 16:9 screen. To solve that, I needed to map the mesh. And to do that, I needed the extract the OBJ. Could have used free classic ''GeomStripper'' by John Hoagland of ''Vanishing Point'', one of PhilC''s timeless tools (some free, some $$), Stephen Cox'' free UVMapper Classic, or simply exported it from Poser. Instead, I used nimble 3DOC ($$) to get OBJ+MTL.

The OBJ proved to have one ''group'' with four ''materials'': tvsilver, tvsilverpanel, tvscreen and Preview. That last did not seem to do anything beyond being purple.

I hunted around, found a nice free checker test piccy at...

When loaded, the squares'' proportions were maintained, but flipped L/R with top and bottom of chart lopped. I cut out a 16:9 (1.777) subset with free IrfanView, tried that. Width was okay, but top and bottom were again lopped, with pixels stretched vertically.

I found a ''sorta-dartboard'' in the eclectic collection at...

Estimating the 16:9 area of the square checker piccy actually used by the OBJ, I carefully copy/pasted the dart-board. Loaded, this composite correctly filled screen, but was flipped L/R. Easily fixed, but not easily used. Besides, I was a few pixels off...

I needed a ''proper'' UV Map. I''ve not had much luck unwrapping models, they usually turn into ''train-wrecks''. Worse, most mappers only seem to do ''full body'' maps, when I just want to map one part. An *obscure* feature of the basic mapper in 3DOC ($$) is it can export each group of a model to a separate map. But, model only had one group...

Not a problem: After making a safety copy, I opened the OBJ in Windows'' free Wordpad. Usually, I''ll edit groups'' default ''usemtl \"\" '' calls to use individual materials, named for the group. This time, I inserted a line with eg ''g tvscreen'' ahead of ''usemtl tvscreen''.

Re-saved, the OBJ now had a proper group for each material. And, 3DOC ($$) cheerfully exported the ''tvscreen'' group''s map as a stand-alone square with inset rectangle of *exactly* the correct size and position. Okay, any image copy/pasted into that rectangle still appeared flipped L/R, but that''s easy to work around...

I think I''ve learned something, but I certainly have a migraine...

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Just to put a piccy on the screen...
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Poster Message
 18 Jun 2021 08:30
Looks like a game show board, though without a Posette, to stand next to it showing the contestants what they've won or lost.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
 18 Jun 2021 18:19
I used the insight from my battle with that TV on another, this time in Richard Mandel's latest SCG freebie

This displayed in 3DOC ($$) without back-facing geometry.

Feedback & Discuss
Nik_52 (today)

Thank you.
Also, thank you for XPS.

Scene #58 is main room's light-bars. Potential for 'Super Ambient' glow in eg Poser render. No obvious lighting in utility alcoves or back room...

Scene #33 is TV screen behind lectern, which calls 'sorta-green' material #33, rpd_interior_re2_source_texture_286.png
This is 512x512, gets stretched to fit.

If you want to put a piccy on it, respect 16:9, make a ~910x512 image and flip L/R...


I must mention that, so far, his new RE#2 series of freebie OBJ+MTL sets seem much more Poser-friendly than prior RE#3 freebies. Although some RE#3 were 12~~15 MB OBJs, too many were ~ 50+ MB with huge texture libraries...

FWIW, this OBJ model imports at 33% of original, reasonably proportioned after 'drop to floor'. Unfortunately, the 90+ scene PNGs failed to load per the MTL. My JPG hack on screen image worked fine, as did 'super-ambient' lighting. I'll convert all the PNGs to JPGs with free Irfan View, re-start Poser, try again...


 18 Jun 2021 21:48
{ Multiple Facepalms... }

1) The MTL was 'pathed' deep into author's system. 3DOC ($$) ignores paths, expects textures in same folder as OBJ. Which is why my 3DOC preview worked and Poser didn't. Took a while to notice. After making safety copies, I edited OBJ with Win'10's bundled Wordpad, and MTL with bundled Notepad.

2) I'm not sure how but, when I batch-converted the PNGs to JPGs with Irfan View, I'd managed to set an 'advanced' option to invert piccies. Took a while to notice.

3) I threw too complex a test-scene at my twin graphics cards. Poser too-rapidly rendered all-black, then crashed. Re-load Poser, re-load model, twiddle textures, remember to set 'CPU-only'...

4) I twiddled & tweaked the strip-lights' super-ambiance, preview okay but scene kept test-rendering black. Took a while to notice preview had 'hide back-facing', but render didn't. Camera was staring at dark wall. D'uh...

I moved camera 'through' wall into room and test-render worked. Switched Superfly render settings from 14 pixel samples to 64, sent scene to network render 'Box'. Including several minutes of set-up time, is now ~95% after ~30 mins...

Yay !! Note all illumination provided by room's ceiling strip-lights dialled to 'super-ambient' with 100 !!

 18 Jun 2021 23:20
And the reverse angle, mildly posed. Another 'super-ambient' lit, 64 pixel-sample Superfly render, ~30 mins on 'Box'...


Funny thing is I went to a lot of trouble to put an image on the thumb-tack board I'd mistaken for a big TV, but there's a 'ratty' wall-hung CCTV monitor which I'd mistaken for HVAC...

 20 Jun 2021 19:19
Hi Nik! A monitor for an HVAC ! I'm glad you figured this one out, & shared it so I can learn about it as well, thank you kindly Sir !

 20 Jun 2021 21:58
That's some great work Nik. Good to see some rewards for your efforts.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
 23 Jun 2021 16:49
Spent too much of yesterday trying to wrangle the lights in another RE set, where entire pendant fitting, cable and pattress lit for 'super-ambient'.

'RedPhantom' on Rendo forums kindly suggested I make Ambient texture 'masks', such as used for eg Transparency. White to window light-source, black for mask...
{ Facepalm...}

I applied this ploy to the strip lights in another fun SCG RE freebie


This followed several partial test renders, was a 64 pixel-sample Superfly progressive render, performed on 'Box'. Took about an hour. Not enough samples to fully suppress speckles, but getting there. Also, now bright enough to see some 'piles of documents etc' were neat desk lamps. Eventually, I counted seven (7). I gave them a 'black-masked super-ambient' make-over, dialled the inner-office glazing to ~95% transparency, sent a 96 pixel-sample render to 'Box'. And now done, ~75 mins...

Not bad when you consider the preview is almost full-dark, Poser's own lights being outside room. All scene illumination is from the set's own luminaires, dialled to super ambient...

 24 Jun 2021 18:54
Wow! This looks really cool! Well done Sir !

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