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By the pricking of my thumbs...

Poster: Nik
Image: By the pricking of my thumbs...
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Posted: 27 Jun 2021 02:39
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Pic Description: Another Richard Mandel SCG freebie, an RE2 re-creation.

Busy set had a strip-light, a pendant light and a big ''two-way mirror'', so I expected it would be ''interesting''.

First, I checked on the ''pathing'' using Wordpad. Yes, the OBJ sought its MTL deep, deep in author''s folder tree. Soon amended.

Then I used ($$) 3DOC to identify which of the OBJ''s 59 components and their materials applied to the lights & glazing.

The ~1.8MB OBJ +MTL imported to Poser at ~33% of original scale and auto-loaded its many materials.

Dialling the lights to ''super-ambient'' also lit parts of their frames or surrounds. I copied their texture maps, black-masked all but relevant parts using free Irfan View. Applied as ''Ambient'' maps, these tamed the set''s lights. I''ll post the textures and my ''ambient'' masks in comments.

The ''mirror'' baffled me. Set transparent, it stayed resolutely opaque. Took some, uh, lateral thinking before I thought to check with ($$) 3DOC from reverse angle. Yes, it had two components, front and back, each with its own texture. Oops.

Anyhow, several ''progressive'' Superfly test-renders warned that relying on set''s super-ambient lights would take a lot of pixel-samples. After several false starts, I set 256, queued it to the network-render ''Box'' and went off to organise dinner.

Box ran from ~1900 to ~0300, but I think the results were worth it...

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Poster Message
 27 Jun 2021 02:51
The lights were a double-tube strip and a bare bulb. As-is, part of the tubes' housing also glowed, while the bulb holder, drop-cable, pattress and surface wiring all lit white.

After some trial and error, I used the material maps as templates for ambient masks.


 28 Jun 2021 07:40
Good work and nice render.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
 29 Jun 2021 03:58
Wow, Nik! This looks great, this is a really nice render !

 02 Jul 2021 19:16
Taken me a {face-palm} while to notice, but Richard Mandel's free RE2 ports to OBJ on SCG reuse a lot of textures. Better, they call same 'numbered' textures

Well, logical, otherwise each scene / set would need its own zoo of mapped materials.

So, pendant light in scene above calls rpd_interior_re2_source_texture_481.png
And that strip light calls rpd_interior_re2_source_texture_463.png

And those also appear in many of the other scenes I've checked.

Okay, there's about 7~~8 types of lights in all, but it does mean that when I've made a 'mask' for a type, it stays solved...

 03 Jul 2021 21:27
That's a handy way to plan scene construction, having them call the same textures each time! Thank you kindly Nik !

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