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Whip The Admins... - Site speed improvement

Tormie [ Tuesday, 10 February 2004, 06:43 PM ]
Post subject: Site speed improvement
Hi friends <img src="" alt="" /> , I'm making a little mess... ehm... >test< : <br /> <br /> Using an editing program I deleted all unnecessary blank spaces from the files of the sites, so I think that the site gained a little speed, about 5 secs per page on a dialup modem <img src="" alt="" /> ... However the process I used to delete all those blank spaces is automatic, so something strange could happen <img src="" alt="" /> ... So If something is no more working, please advice me... <br /> <br /> P.S. I'm waiting for the dns informations of, they are not arrived here in Italy, but perhaps the domain is working in your, more civilized countries...

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