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Whip The Admins... - Change your bookmark !

Tormie [ Thursday, 12 February 2004, 02:33 PM ]
Post subject: Change your bookmark !
Hi friends <img src="" alt="" /> <br /> <br /> and <a class="post-url" href="" target="_blank"></a> are working, so you can change the bookmark to our site to this name... The old one will be still working, but if I'll change the server, if you'll use the new domain name there will be no difficulties to find the new one... In any cases I don't plan to change the server soon, perhaps the next year or the following one ....
ahjah [ Thursday, 12 February 2004, 02:38 PM ]
Post subject: 
Hi <br /> <blockquote class="quote"><div class="quote-nouser">Quote:</div><div class="post-text"> <br /> change the bookmark <br /> </div></blockquote> <br /> ... done, thanks <img src="" alt="" />

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