Problem With Reuploads?

Problem With Reuploads?
Post Problem With Reuploads? 
I recently noticed that the file paths in my old 4 girls freebie were wrong. Being the fusspot that I am, I tried to reupload a corrected version and its giving me an erro message saying that it's too big (210 Kb?)

 A_C_C [ 30 Dec 2020 22:13 ]

Problem With Reuploads?
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Hello A_C_C
Hope you're well.
Can you tell me exactly the file you are referring too.
As you might have noticed, we have moved to a different server recently.
I have already uploaded to our freebies without any issues thou. It should be no problem...

 ahjah [ 30 Dec 2020 22:27 ]
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I'm well, thanks. Just getting out of a long period of funk.

This one. I tried to re-upload a new version of teh file, but it didn't allowed me. I have added teh file as an attachment to this post, just in case.

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 A_C_C [ 30 Dec 2020 22:51 ]
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Well. I just dowloaded it from here and uploaded it to the right place without any problems.
If you could post it here, the upload should have worked, too
Sometimes it's just weird...

 ahjah [ 30 Dec 2020 23:00 ]
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Yeah, Internet mysteries. And thanks.

 A_C_C [ 30 Dec 2020 23:08 ]
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 ahjah [ 30 Dec 2020 23:12 ]
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I can only suggest to delete all cache and cookies related to posetteforever, in any case I'll take a look

 Tormie [ 02 Jan 2021 12:38 ]
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 ahjah [ 02 Jan 2021 16:45 ]
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