New Guy, Old Poser User Needing Help.

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Post New Guy, Old Poser User Needing Help.

#1  KenworthCowboy 27 Dec 2020 04:31

Hello all. I used Poser 4 decades ago, then life got in the way. (Semi) Retired now, so I dug it out and started playing around with it again. Mostly V2 and V3, but a little Posette and Dork. I did purchase Poser 10, but really didn't like the feel of it, then my computer crashed and since you don't get disks any more that was the end of that.

I've done some of the usual magnet morphing, but never learned how to turn them into the "downloadable" morph targets, and would like to be able to share some of my work.

Also looking for someone who can teach me how to make clothing for those characters as they're really hard to come by today. I've got a rather extensive library for V3 that I managed to save to disk (and have transferred to thumb drive), but most of the V2, Posette and Dork stuff is gone.

I'm also interested in learning how to make custom character textures.

Also, any recommendations on free or cheap hosting service to put my stuff on so it can be shared here.

Anyway, any help in these areas would be appreciated, and I look forward to being able to contribute.


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Post Re: New Guy, Old Poser User Needing Help.

#2  ahjah 27 Dec 2020 16:05

Hello again,
Welcome to our forum.
Let's take care of your questions step by step.
About morphs/magnets, there should be an option to spawn a morph target created by a magnet to the selected bodypart from the menu "object". It's there in Poser6/7. I don't know about Poser4, skipped this version.
When you created the morph from your magnet setting, export the bodypart (with the morph set) as .obj, and there you are. You can use external modelers to crate morphs, too. I've used ZBrush and Blender for this. Also a prog named MorphMaster in my early P3 days. A "Must Have" app for managing morphs in your characters is Morph Manager by Mr.X.
It is still available at ShareCG or Renderosity in the freestuff sections.
About distribution of the morphs, there can be copyright stuff to take care of, depending on the figure.

About clothing and textures; I'm no expert there. Let's see what the others come up with.

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