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Poster: ahjah
Image: for the pixies
Image Details: ID: 107 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 640 x 640 (54KB)
Posted: 13 Jun 2003 08:54
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Pic Description: look at that dark elf, coming from the far, far east to help the Posy-Pixies defend their kingdom agaist the evil, commercial Millie-Banshees!

From scratch greyscale Poser3 render, no postwork.

MayaDoll with RQgirl clothing

wings by mechanismo

hair from graylight

alien egg by JAFO , no URL

tex by me

so long

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Poster Message
 13 Jun 2003 12:08
SLURP! I like your girl toooo much! Very imaginative pic! I hate commercial Banshees too, that's the spirit ! Yeah!


 14 Jun 2003 02:42
I really like this. The birth of a new icon.

Computer Lie #1: You'll never use all that disk space.

"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound as they fly by." - Douglas Adams
 06 May 2004 02:06
Death to Commercial Banshees! =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

Here we go!

 01 Mar 2008 05:59
Well, I like it. (Big-time noir fan)

Am I the only one who thinks they named it Windows because it is a major pane? BA-DUM BOOM!!
 12 Jan 2014 19:21
Great work here Ahjah.

Love it.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
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