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 The PosetteForever World
No new file Posetteforever World
This is a world where Posetteforever people go. It is a one of a kind for Posetteforever and the friends that have been here for so long. Each model represents the character and the heart of people who have been here for such a long time.
18 Jul 2011 21:50
Posetteforever World... View Latest File
No new file PZ3 Files for PW
The PosetteForever World Files in PZ3 format...
17 Jul 2011 09:33
Models for PosetteFo... View Latest File
No new file Posette
Characters for our beloved Posette
13 Mar 2019 18:30 View Latest File
No new file Dork
Dork's characters
10 Aug 2010 19:09
DoMuS 2.1 View Latest File
No new file Hall Of The Heroes
Heroes and SuperHeroes saved from oblivion... Because Heroes never die...
Subcategory:  Dress Like a SuperHero  Heroes Tools
10 Apr 2017 21:57
Captain America shie... View Latest File
No new file Conforming characters
These are thing that fits on a character, like a dress
10 Apr 2017 10:48
P4F Cyberboots View Latest File
No new file Others
Character different from Posette & Dork
01 Sep 2018 01:38
PiChi 1.5.1 View Latest File
No new file Stand alone things (non conforming CR2s)
They are poser character but they aren't dresses
29 Aug 2011 14:56
ERCJPWingset View Latest File
No new file Posette
Morphs for Posette
30 Dec 2020 23:02
4 girls View Latest File
No new file Dork
Morphs for the Dork
12 Apr 2014 15:38
Gen + Spandex Morph View Latest File
No new file Others
Morphs for other characters
23 May 2013 17:14
Poser NB Head MT View Latest File
No new file Pour Femme
Hair for women
10 Aug 2012 19:28
Clay Hair Two View Latest File
No new file Pour Homme
Hair for men
11 Oct 2005 20:55
P5 Mats for McHair View Latest File
No new file Texture maps for Posette
Texture map for your beloved Posette !
05 Sep 2010 10:04
Posette Freckled Tex... View Latest File
No new file Texture maps for the Dork
Texture map for your proud P4Man !
04 Apr 2011 02:49
Real P3 Man View Latest File
No new file Texture maps for all the rest
Miscellaneous textures for characters and props
29 Mar 2015 19:04
Ahjah_Mats_01 View Latest File
No new file Texture maps for clothing
Texture maps for the clothing worn by your favorite models.
06 Mar 2016 12:08
Bullet proof vests f... View Latest File
No new file Backgrounds/Masks
Masks or Background for your creations !
13 Jan 2010 23:46
Forest/Wood Backgrou... View Latest File
No new file RenderMan Shaders
Source code for Shaders to be used with RenderMan compatible rendering software.
22 Mar 2006 08:40 View Latest File
No new file Parented props
Props that have a hierarchy
14 Mar 2012 10:54 View Latest File
No new file Props without a parent (sigh!)
Props with no hierarchy
12 Feb 2016 02:32
door78_closed 3DS View Latest File
No new file No wheels
Vehicles that move without wheels
17 Jun 2011 08:04
ALeeAnn Toon Saucer View Latest File
No new file 2 wheels
Vehicles with 2 wheels
10 Aug 2010 19:17
Another 2 Vespa MATs View Latest File
No new file 3 wheels
Vehicles with 3 wheels
27 Jul 2004 18:32
Kids Trike View Latest File
No new file 4 wheels
Vehicles with 4 wheels
08 Apr 2009 00:08
Red Hot Rod View Latest File
No new file More than 4 wheels
Vehicles with more than 4 wheels
24 Mar 2011 19:45
Intrepid T54 View Latest File
No new file Hawktoey's Boutique
Items made from your suggestions in the forum
28 Jan 2005 04:25
Posette's Helmet... View Latest File
No new file Poses
Free poses for your character
13 Mar 2019 18:24 View Latest File
No new file Lights
All lights go there !
24 Jun 2012 21:47
Basic Lights View Latest File
No new file Animals
Animals and beasts (Tormentor excluded!)
27 Jul 2004 08:05
Textures for the Bab... View Latest File
New file Tools
Useful Apps
03 Mar 2021 20:53
Jim Burton cpu_test.... View Latest File
 Special Categories
No new file Once Forgotten Stuff
Items rescued from oblivion by the Posette forgotten stuff project.
31 Mar 2006 05:53
"Billy" fo... View Latest File
 Another world
No new file All that's Bryce !
A category for Bryce's freebies !
10 Dec 2005 09:40
6 roofs primitives f... View Latest File

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