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Yoruichi Shihoin
Getting Weirder Every Year
Cia of HyRule
renapd''s Arcania
Lighten Up
Poster: Nik
Image: Yoruichi Shihoin
ID: 8614
Posted: 04 Nov 2023 23:10
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Poster: ahjah
Image: Getting Weirder Every Year
ID: 8613
Posted: 31 Oct 2023 14:23
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Poster: Nik
Image: Cia of HyRule
ID: 8612
Posted: 30 Oct 2023 00:18
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Poster: Dolly13
Image: renapd''s Arcania
ID: 8611
Posted: 21 Oct 2023 15:38
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Poster: ahjah
Image: Lighten Up
ID: 8610
Posted: 21 Oct 2023 11:36
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The Posetteforever Gallery  [Slide Show
This is the album with the works of our friends !  
4550 21622 01 Nov 2023 11:32
Poster: Nik
Image: Getting Weirder Every Year
04 Nov 2023 23:10
Image: Yoruichi Shihoin
Photos from real life !  [Slide Show
An album of our photographic portraits, landscapes, etc. Share with us your life !
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 25 Pics Pictures of yourself [Slide Show]
318 1317 04 Oct 2023 19:28
Poster: Nik
Image: Yello
14 Oct 2023 13:13
Image: ... Growing in My Backyar...
Paintings  [Slide Show
An album for our 2d pictures created with PS, GIMP, PSP and for our scanned art  
271 880 31 Dec 2022 14:50
Poster: Nik
Image: Alternative History
01 Nov 2022 17:51
Image: Alternative History
Miscellaneous  [Slide Show
Other assorted galleries.  
34 239 07 Nov 2020 22:34
Poster: rico
Image: Misunderstanding
05 Nov 2020 20:19
Image: Misunderstanding
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Albums of stories, comics, and serials
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295 763 09 Dec 2021 21:34
Poster: JanReinar
Image: The Villain Speech
21 Mar 2021 07:18
Image: waobbw 15
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PosterNik [01 Nov 2023 11:32]
The Purple Peril !!!

We had a dozen excellent groups to door, reviving tradition suspended during Covid...

I handed out compliments and good sweets --NOT 'Maribo' !!-- also glow-sticks to kids and minders.

I'd only set out a minimal scene: a kaleidoscope light (1 of 4) and a fizzing cauldron of 'eye-ball soup', the latter just a 'pond fogger' plus some decorated ping-pong balls. Also, a 'chain' wrapped over the 'leg eating' traffic cone protecting bike tie-down anchor against trip hazard...

I've a lot more props but, the last time I fetched in the full set, late on a cold, wet evening, I caught mild pneumonia despite my 'decadal' vaccination, was 'sick as a dog' for two weeks...
PosterNik [30 Oct 2023 18:30]
20+ sub-rigs is not so bad, especially if the textures have 'useful' names.

35~~50+ sub-rigs, with no apparent rhyme nor reason to the textures' names-- Well, that's hard !

If pack includes eg MMD/PMX file, I may open that in DA's free PMX_Editor, see what goes where.

One model had ~85 sub-rigs, scant clue to what went where. IIRC, I applied the 'skin tones' to body-parts, a generic 'cammo' texture to anything fabric. It looked okay-ish, but still cost me a bad migraine...

But the model with ~100+ sub-rigs ?? Nah, not going there...
PosterDolly13 [30 Oct 2023 18:08]
Nice one Nik. Sounds like lots of work.
PosterNik [21 Oct 2023 17:55]
Nice !!
PosterDolly13 [21 Oct 2023 15:23]
Good luck ahjah. I find that on some of the morphs I have to create a cr2 file with the morph on. The results of coming into Studio vary. Sometimes I just have to create an object file and import as a morph target. That is what I had to do with renapd's Arcania character. Studio just would not apply the morph like Poser did.

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Lyssa World 12
Ladyes In Conversation
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Escape from Wolfschloß - Part 09
Poster: ahjah
Image: Remember Baya #3
ID: 8516
Posted: 02 Jun 2022 11:38
View: 64
Comments: 1
Poster: JanReinar
Image: Lyssa World 12
ID: 7922
Posted: 31 Jul 2015 22:29
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Poster: alcide
Image: Ladyes In Conversation
ID: 4224
Posted: 27 Apr 2007 16:07
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Image: Let Me Tell You Something
ID: 1007
Posted: 11 May 2004 19:08
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Poster: JanReinar
Image: Escape from Wolfschloß - Part 09
ID: 5124
Posted: 11 Nov 2008 09:12
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