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Pithanie and Oswynne

Poster: Maelstromme
Image: Pithanie and Oswynne
Image Details: ID: 6322 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 520 x 782 (370KB)
Posted: 28 Apr 2011 03:41
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Pic Description: Princess Oswynne was kindapped by a band of human rebels from a nearby province Run by the Dark Lord Zaltain, who planned to hold her for ransom until her father, King Leardon payed them outrageous tribute in gold and magic items for her safe return. As Oswynne was being held captive in the bowels of Lord Zaltain''s stronghold, she met and befriended a young Centauress named Pithanie. Thier stories were similar. She too was captured and held prisoner by Lord Zaltain''s men in an effort to get her father, Chief Tanar and the rest of her clan of Centaurine to join him and swell his ranks for battle.

Both knowing of the demented Lord Zaltain''s treatury and lust for the Carpathian throne, They both knew they must escape or die trying. If the evil Lord succeded in his plan, countless peoples would be slaughtered in his hideous plot. Humans, Elvish, and Centarine alike. They escaped through cover of night, using their combined strengths and magics to do so. Only the light of day would reveal the truth of their departure. Making every footfall count, the two young women make their way through dangerous territories and patrols of Lord Zaltain''s men, having to work together and trust one another to survive the ordeal until they both reach home.....

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Poster Message
 28 Apr 2011 10:42
Great pic! The tartan is a very cool touch! I the story too!

Here we go!

 28 Apr 2011 12:51
Thanks for viewing Jan, I appreciate it. I used several different things to get this to work. Morphs, sizing of the characters and clothing themselves, good hairstyles and all the other illusions that go with it. I even constructed my own centaur! hehe! All my models are P4 Posette and all that comes with the program. I used the Victoria clothing to my best advantage here, and some of the Posette ones also made by mordikar and a few others. I combined the use of the Victoria and the P4 clothing to get a more rustic feel with my Centauress. The princess wears a medieval gown that was a free item here, made for Victoria 2. I like it because the designer made it to where it moves as your character moves. Sit, stand, kneel, carried off kicking and screaming by a troll, whatever floats the boat! I added my own textures to it to give it a more elvish feel. the midnight blue stood out and was really shocking when I finished with it. I am glad you enjoyed my work here. Thanks again for viewing!

I am smiling.
 03 May 2011 08:59
Beautiful composition, great story, too.
I like the blue hoofs

 06 May 2011 01:54
Hey there Andreas, good to see you back on! Thanks for the wonderful comment as well! As I stated before, I kinda used the Poser horse and p4 woman and made my own lady centaur. I was attempting to shade accordingly and the blue seemed to be a nice touch to the hooves both for shine purpouses, and to bring out a light tint in the pictures shadows, as if they were walking through thick woodland just as dawn broke through the trees. I felt it worked well in this instance. Once again, thanks for viewing my friend!

I am smiling.
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