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Striped Warrior 120711-01c

Poster: Whazizname
Image: Striped Warrior 120711-01c
Image Details: ID: 6724 - Image Type: PNG - Size: 706 x 1003 (455KB)
Posted: 06 Feb 2012 15:18
Views: 92
Pic Description: {A character study that turned out well enough to share...; presented here in png format for easy use as a resource image.}

While exploring recently acquired runtime items, I became inspired by the \"360-pose15\" freebie, from Most Digital Creations. I then added a few new things and a few older favorites, and \"presto!\"

{Also...; this character''s face is something that I created in June 2011; but atypically I did not have a body, or name in mind for her. She still needs a name, and a body; but she has been in 70% of the explorations the last few weeks... \"A Star Is Born\" :D }


Unnamed 30Somethingish (unpublished face morph), by Whazizname;
Victoria 4.2, by DAZ3D;
Morphs++, by DAZ3D;
Hand & Feet Fixes (freebies), from Marieah;
Elbow, Knee, Thigh Bend morphs (freebies), from Zevo;
Kiko (freebie, skin & eye Textures only here), from Reciecup;
Fuji Hair (freebie), from Lune Designs;
Fuji Textures (freebie), from Vyktoria;

X-23 (freebie), from Evilkoolade;
V4 Gloves (freebie), from EVM Clothes (readme not found);
Comfy Shoes (Legendary freebie), from Phil C;
Dark Raven (weapons & belts only here), by MindVision-GDS;
Cutey Skulls (freebie earrings), from Inception8;

Sueded (texture set), by Calida;
Bubbles (textures only here), by Evilinocence;
Striped shader inspired by Indoda;

360 (freebie, pose15 here), from Most Digital Creations;

Pose, Morph, Lighting, Texturing, Firefly & Photoshop manipulations by Whazizname;

Poser 5 FIrefly Render; Photoshop 5.5 for adjustments & enhancements.

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Striped Warrior 120711-01c
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Poster Message
 06 Feb 2012 15:46
Great work all round.

Like the hair, the muscle toned look, she looks like means business.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
 06 Feb 2012 21:53

Here we go!

 07 Feb 2012 15:55
I've read "Stripped Warrior" (Can't see the stripes in the thumbnail )
Too bad, we can't see the face you're TALKING about

 12 Feb 2012 12:59
Hey what kind of pants is she wearing? I like the look though.

Two wrongs don't make a right.
But six left turns will get you around the block
and back in the driveway again.
 21 Feb 2012 18:27
Yes; she certainly does!


Hmmm...; I don't know Stripped Warrior...
Oops; I'll post an image showing her face.

"Hey what kind of pants is she wearing? I like the look though. "

They are tight pants.

The pants & top are "X-23" ; a freebie from EvilKoolAide. {The textures are my own shennanigans...}

It's not what you look like, when you're doing what you're doing;
It's what you're doing, when you're doing what it looks like you're doing.
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