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RX for Dork

Poster: Endosphere
Image: RX for Dork
Image Details: ID: 7156 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1130 x 706 (322KB)
Posted: 10 Feb 2013 21:18
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Pic Description: I was in the planning stage of a rather technically ambitious render of an underwater scene with Mystery Posette, so I called Dork and told him to get ready for work. He said he wasn''t feeling well, and wasn''t sure he was up to the task. I went over to his place right away to pick him up, and took him to the Poserburg Clinic. The ever-vigilant Nurse Jill was on duty, and was happy to see us. She gave Dork a thorough examination, and reported that he had indeed contracted a very serious illness! She was most concerned and grew solemn as she reported the prognosis: though his geometry was fine and no surgery was required, his bump map was completely out of phase! She gave him a shot of RGB inversion on the spot, as well as a prescription for some noise pattern pills. As we left he said he felt better already, but he still has to go back next month for a checkup to see if he''s fully recovered.

Tools Used: Poser 4, Paint Shop Pro 8.

Constructive criticism is welcomed on any aspect of this image, as I am striving to improve my skills in all areas.

Credits: Poser 4 Nude Man and Poser 4 Nude Woman with my own textures. Props are all freebie items, many with my own textures: Nurse Hat and Uniform by Ghastley; bal-hair (Dork) by ice-boy; Jamie Hair (Posette) by AprilYSH; ''Bed1'' exam table by FastTraxx; Notebook PC and Syringe2 by Zippo; X-Ray reader by most-digital-creations; wallpaper pattern by Mapps; Desk by vcernicek. IV stand and microscope by unknown authors who didn''t include any documentation with their props. :(

I really was working on something else and only intended to tweak a few details for Dork, when I discovered a horrible problem while looking at his texturing: the bump map I''ve been using for him was completely faulty! Oh my, how embarrasing. Most here likely know already that Poser 4 has a very serious bug in its bump map generation routine (for more details, see the article at I''ve known about this problem for ages, and am usually quite rigorous in fixing every bump map I make within mere seconds of conversion to .bum by P4; apparently something went wrong the last time I looked at Dork''s bump map, which was some time ago.

Though Dork has been stereotyped as the Rodney Dangerfield of the Poser world (gets no respect), I think this reputation is undeserved. He has a nice-looking masculine physique with good proportions, and like Posette is highly versatile. The only ''trouble'' with Dork isn''t actually his own fault-- in the heyday of P4, the (at that time) mostly male hobbyist community was naturally obsessed with Posette and thus P4NM never received the vigorous level of creative TLC and supportive embellishments enjoyed by his partner.

Dork is also stereotyped as having a rather goofy-looking and unrealistic face that is incorrigible. Hopefully as this image depicts, with only a little effort that need not be the case. For those interested in de-dorking Dork, I highly recommend the freebie ''Clay'' morph by Duane Moody. One might initially think ''oh no, this is even worse than before!'' after looking at this morph casually, but it''s meant as an intermediate tool rather than a final solution and should be used accordingly. Another excellent source of numerous face-shaping morphs for P4NM is the freebie figure ''Physique'' by Richard Kane. Apart from his face, I think P4NM''s main limitation is his midsection. I consider my P4 morph archives fairly extensive, yet I''ve never encountered a pudgy or ''middle-aged torso'' morph set for Dork and therefore he is always limited to salubrious characters in top physical condition (not that Posette ever complains...)

Much more so than Posette, Dork benefits greatly by scrutiny with the Grouping Tool as his default Zygote texture map is notably ill-conceived and features numerous overlapping materials that simply cannot be textured properly ''out-of-the-box.'' He also has some eccentric and extremely tiny polygons on his face, particularly near the eyebrows, that inherently distort at render time; those texturing him should pay extra attention to this area, as I''ve often found my self literally painting one pixel at a time (with verification renders in between) when texturing him. This isn''t a template problem, and neither SnowSultan''s seam guides nor individual material templates generated in UV Mapper are any help; as I say, the polygons themselves just don''t work right (though luckily the troublemakers are relatively few in number).

Nurse Jill in this scene is one of my older Posettes (called in from central casting, so to speak). However, given that I don''t work with Dork that often I''d say roughly speaking this Posette and Dork pair are at a similar stage of artistic development. I was pleased to see they''re holding up fairly well (naturally, in my opinion) despite lacking some of the newer techniques I''ve lately developed (for example, incorporated into Mystery Posette as shown in some recent images I posted here). Eventually I intend for Dork to get the same refinement and step up a level in advancement, but I just haven''t gotten around to him yet.


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Poster Message
 10 Feb 2013 21:57
A fine scene, and render.

Thanks for the background, and a great diversion to do in place of the original you had planned.

My morphs are rather basic, and unrefined, though I feel it would be some time before I can develop them to be more complete. Though in honesty at my basic level, I don't care, and though the newer figures have improved tech, I love my P4 character morphs like they are my own.

I read recently of a P4, user at Rendo, s/he said along the lines that P4NW/P4NM, were made by artists, and what followed by engineers. It made me smile.

I have still yet to use from the freebies here little fixes for Posy, and Dork.

(I can see Ahjah, head in hands thinking come on Chromium, get your finger out... it's all here!).

But still outside of Posette Forever, I've not seen any better work with P4NW, or P4NM, in stock form (again, I say stock form). So what we do here is pretty grand to me, so no apologies are necessary, for someone elses errors.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
 11 Feb 2013 00:02
Great job with the face MTs!

Here we go!

 11 Feb 2013 01:14
Excellent image! I, too, prefer to work with the Poser 4 figures, even though I am now using Poser 7 and some of the content I would like to use requires Michel 4 or Victoria 4. I've also been experimenting with Apollo Maximus and other third-party figures.

 11 Feb 2013 20:37
Thanks JR, I forgot to say the character morphs, are brilliant.

To anyone who missed out Apollo Maximus, is unavailable at this time, the site is down.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
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