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Halloween test 01

Poster: Nik
Image: Halloween test 01
Image Details: ID: 8390 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 765 x 641 (24KB)
Posted: 18 Oct 2020 02:00
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Pic Description: Found Wofka''s budget ($) mummy on RenderHub. Nice balance of low-ish poly-count and 4k maps. Came as posable FBX, optional FBX animations and OBJ+MTL. Latter did not call texture maps, but there''s only one material, with four maps, so no problem.

FBX imported to PoserPro_11.3 at 100% of original scale. It did not auto-call maps but, again with only one material, they were easy to load. Diffuse got the ''Albedo-Transparency'' map, copied to ''Highlight''. Ambient got ''Emission'', Bump got ''Normal''. Poser seems to lack support for ''Metallic Smoothness'', YMMV.

Then the fun bit: In advanced material menu, I set Ambient colour to a deep scarlet, then super-dialled its value to ~50 for that spooky glow.

Rendered in Superfly with progressive, 64 vol-bounces, 1024 bucket and both GPU cards. 14 pixel samples for a sanity check, then 44 for result shown.

I''ve several nice ''Old Egyptian'' sets, period outfits for M3 ~~ V4, plus sundry sarcophagi etc. With a bit of luck, I should be able to craft a fair ''spooky''...

( I usually decorate our front yard with full light-show, fizzing cauldron of eyes etc etc, but not this year. Sadly, must ''Covid Shelter''. {Sulk...} )

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Anime Posette (Special Thanks to AhJah and PitKlad)
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Halloween test 01

Poster Message
 18 Oct 2020 02:17

Alpha channel of 'metal-smoothness' provides transparency map, which I duly saved out with free Irfan View, ready for next time...

 18 Oct 2020 09:42
Wow, the figure looks quite detailed for a low-poly figure, the texturing really makes it stand out! Nice job on the ambient lighting !

 18 Oct 2020 13:37
She's brilliantly positioned, yet sadly without a canon to blow him away.

Maybe next time she'll get more than a swimsuit.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
 18 Oct 2020 14:12
Have found some kick-ass LF outfits on Rendo, used 50% discount voucher, have yet to install.

Remember that song, "There's a hole in my bucket" ?? Solving any household problem here usually seems to require figuring how to break such 'vicious circles' of consequence. Sometimes a little 'lateral thinking', some-times an 'Aha !!', then scouring Amazon DIY hardware for exactly the right whatsit or widget. Which is how I now have my old mains-powered PC speakers hung off my desk's congested cantilever uprights. Yeah, found gaps to attach brackets !!

With washroom's persistent water ingress belatedly tracked to roof-gulley plus specific SW cross-wind, NOT the plumbing, I'm finally putting that room back together. Also, where-ever else I'd searched. Also, where I'd put everything to gain access to such searches...

Think 'sliding block' puzzle.

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