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What dreams may come

Poster: Agun
Image: What dreams may come
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Posted: 13 Jan 2021 18:51
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Pic Description: I was looking at another artists paintings and their use of color reminded. Me of the movies what dreams may come starring Robin William''s. The movie, now with his death, is poignant.

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What dreams may come

Poster Message
 14 Jan 2021 18:30
This is lovely artwork Agun ! It's sad that he left the world the way he did, I hope we are encouraged to support each other !

 Yesterday at 06:27
Great Portrait , Sir Agun

Robert (Robin) William is one of my favorite actors !
And a great storyteller and a great monologist !!!

He's Merit have is starcard into the NLI !
For Eternity ! 😉

 Yesterday at 07:01
Explaination :

The "Ligue Nationale d'Improvisation" (National League of Improvisation) was Founded in 1977 by Actor Robert Gravel with a troop of comedians , professionals or amateurs, and they dispute some matches in little theaters and some other scenes .

The rules in here is about the improvisation, how the able to respond to...improvise (to reactive) about the other great great actors who forgot their texts and how to react to! These rules is inspired by the rules of the National Hockey League (like another sports, you know)

It's like The Actors studio !

This introduction is mean what Robin Williams was not in this League and does know about this league! and I regret that

he should be a Champion of this kind of game!
And he should be a star ! 😍

 Yesterday at 16:42
I think you might be right about that Leonidas, he seemed good at it. But, now I'm curious... a comedy improvisation contest with Hockey League rules , I might have to see a Youtube video about how they do that. Thank you very much for the details Sir !

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