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That Ozymandias moment...

Poster: Nik
Image: That Ozymandias moment...
Image Details: ID: 8454 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1520 x 571 (170KB)
Posted: 21 Nov 2021 22:30
Views: 8
Pic Description: I found Shredder''s magnificent DS freebie ''Egyptian Temple of Maebad Aleizam'' on SCG...

Although the ''file-type'' info includes ''OBJ'', this model was purely DUF/DSF, with nice JPG textures.

I tried to rip this for Poser with DSF Tools ($$), but that hung ~ 65 MB along.

Though DS'' UI gives me a prompt migraine, I managed to load scene, export as OBJ+MTL at optional Poser scale.

OBJ is ~120 MB, so Poser loading took a while. The ''ashlar cube'' is base of pit. I hid Poser''s ''ground plane'', translated temple to eg X=22, Y= -55, iterated from there. Remember to move your Poser lights *inside* the building.

Scene complexity crashed my twin graphics cards and Poser when I tried to test-render with Superfly. I reloaded scene, switched to CPU-Only render, tried 14 pixel-samples. That was okay, so I upped pixel-samples to 64, sent job to my CPU-only, network-render ''Box'' for an ''Ozymandias Moment''...

The set is much, much bigger than this, plus there''s an optional trap (!) which I''ve yet to convert...

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Poster Message
 22 Nov 2021 22:22
Wow, this looks nicely detailed ! Thank you Nik !

 23 Nov 2021 12:19
This is a HUGE, high-poly model, expands from DS' DUF's DSF ~30 MB to ~120 MB when exported to OBJ+MTL...

I have not yet converted the 'trap' add-on.
DS' UI still gives me a prompt migraine, but documenting the workflow should de-stress it, and be a handy reference for other users.

Also, free DS' OBJ+MTL export is 10x~~20x faster than ($$) 'DSF Tools' OBJ-only.
Worse, 'Tools' seem to 'hang' about 50 MB along.
May have needed another half-hour ??

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