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The Therapist is IN...

Poster: Nik
Image: The Therapist is IN...
Image Details: ID: 8506 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1089 x 572 (88KB)
Posted: 17 May 2022 17:42
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Pic Description: I''d been playing with the lighting of a complex freebie PP2 scene (~65 MB + textures), CG ''Japanese Examination Room'' by ''hideout''.

There''s three missing texture files, but they''ve no impact on render.

I finally tracked the two strip-luminaires'' glowy bits to their own material as...
object: ceiling__1, material: Red2

So, no ''masking'' required !! Yay !!

Proof of concept: Super-ambient lit room in ''Preview'' but, of course, not bright enough.

Cycles: Used my notes to invoke and connect ''Cycles Surface'' and ''Emission''. Of course, only visible at render time...

Started trial superfly render. My twin GPU cards failed to black. Dropped ''samples & buckets'' from ''turbo'' 1024 to 64. My twin GPU cards failed to black. Switched to ''CPU'', which rendered, but very, very slowly. Still, enough to see after a handful of ''pixel samples'' that scene would look good.

So, cranked pixel-samples up to 96, sent to ''queue'' on my networked ''Box''.

But, that must have had a Windows Update & re-boot recently, as Box''s queue manager was off. *Which I woke.* Poser duly sent the pz3 and textures across. ''Box'' set to work...

After a while, I noticed Box''s Queue Manager (QM) had only reached 0.7%. I shrugged. It was, after all, a high-poly scene with lots of detailed textures. Yet, after an hour, it was still on 0.7%. Box''s Task Manager claimed QM was maxed-out at 95~~98+% CPU, but not responding...

I sighed. I cancelled Poser''s QM document, closed Box''s QM, re-booted Box.

This time, I made sure Box''s QM was totally up and running before sending the render job. Box slurped down the needful, set to work.

This time, it reached ~40% after ~40 minutes, including file-transfers, finished in ~100 minutes...

So, folks, ''Don''t Do *THAT* !!''

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The Therapist is IN...
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Poster Message
 22 May 2022 14:33
Curious, I ran a much longer render, now with 512 pixel-samples. Took ~50 hours, but was significantly brighter.


 31 May 2022 11:29
Nice quality stuff here I got me the tool set, but I have to extract the single props, still. I think, I will never use the complete scene...

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