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Smell the Rage-- Upwind !!

Poster: Nik
Image: Smell the Rage-- Upwind !!
Image Details: ID: 8531 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 490 x 572 (36KB)
Posted: 18 Jul 2022 12:32
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Pic Description: This is the ''Undead Legionaire'' (sic) from ''God of War 1 PS2'' ported by Leonardo331.

XNA/Lara threw an ''ambiguous'' mesh warning, skipped it. I had to load as if a ''generic'' item before exporting as .MESH.ASCII en-route to FBX via free Noesis...

Load FBX to Poser at 400~~this 425% of default. It spawned only five (5) sub-rigs. Better than some models'' 40++ !!

Recommend Save scene --Do It Now ! NOW !!-- before tweaking materials or warily posing via 1st listed rig.

I extracted ''alpha'' channel from mapped texture using free Irfan View, hand applied that as Poser ''Transparency'' map. Masked eye-socket(s) to white on mapped texture, with rest black. Hand-applied as ''Ambient'' map, set a-glow via super-ambient. Looked okay, so I didn''t bother with Cycles'' emission stuff.

Scene needed lotsa lighting to bring out the colours, but rendered well as Superfly, progressive, using my twin GPU cards. This run was 96 pixel samples...

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Smell the Rage-- Upwind !!
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Poster Message
 18 Jul 2022 12:42
Why the 'Save' ??
I did five (5) loads and deletes of FBX before settling on this braw 425%.
Soon as I selected Material room, Poser 'fell over,' hard-closed...

( I suspect P_11's 'trash collection' is wonky... )

Anyhow, here's a guide to the two 'masks'...

 18 Jul 2022 20:47
I spent much of afternoon trying to duplicate the single figure in Poser, but that kept crashing due to root congestion in 'Hierarchy'. Analogy would be over-loading the root of your C: drive instead of organising content into folders...

Then I thought to 'parent' the figure's five sub-rigs to a place-holder box, duplicate that and them. Yay !! With 'root' congestion thus averted, I only needed minutes to build scene. Also, as 'duplicated' rather than independently imported, each references the *same* mesh and texture map, significantly reducing system needs.

There's one odd gotcha : parenting those sub-rigs to that first box may reverse their sequence. So, now gotta pose using the *last* sub-rig. Same names, just their sequence reversed. Easy to spot as eg 'lClavicle' of correct sub-rig had inherited the dozen degrees' pose of original...

Wide-screen, 128 pixel-samples Superfly progressive render sent to networked 'Box' ran while I had that nap then some ham rolls...

Bringing friends to a fight...

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