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Going green...

Poster: Nik
Image: Going green...
Image Details: ID: 8532 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 490 x 572 (41KB)
Posted: 21 Jul 2022 20:02
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Pic Description: I found an interesting freebie over on the prolific Japanese MMD site ''BowlRoll''. A green-glowing caged-lamp in PMX format by Kamiyu, it had possibilities.

No log-in or pass-word required, but helps if you set your browser to auto-translate. DLbutton is big ORANGE thing just above the comments section, NOT blue button further up..

Usually, I''d recommend the free version of Bandizip, as that can unpack files with Asian characters without spilling ''dipthong soup'' across your folder tree. In this case, only the RAR and PMX file have ''Asian'' names, the three textures have portable ''numeric'' names...

I used my ($$) 3DOC to read the PMX file and output to OBJ+MTL, but there is a free alternative. PMX Editor (en) is available from

If you hunt around the PMX Editor menus, there is an ''export with OBJ option'' on the ''text'' screen. This mirrors L/R, but there''s also a ''mirror'' command on ''graphics'' screen which you may use prior to export if handed. Or flip R/L by scaling within Poser...

I loaded OBJ into Poser at ''person scale'', Flipped upright, doubled the overall scale, doubled the sideways scales. Slid clad figure into ''green-wash'' tube. I played with transparency, ambient glow etc etc until looked okay.

Several test renders showed the ''pod'' needed more scene light, less glow, more transparency. With those solved, I sent the Superfly render with 96 pixel-samples to my networked box, set about cooking a meal...

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