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Desert in the dusk...

Poster: Nik
Image: Desert in the dusk...
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Posted: 07 Aug 2022 12:17
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Pic Description: I found this neat Willys Jeep in a pack of free XPS vehicles originally ported by ''Digital Explorations'', kindly re-posted by 0-Sojourner-0.

Desert ground is texture from a free MMD stage by Mr-Mecha-Man

The XPS pack is *huge*, a ~1.4 GB RAR, with many, many vehicles and variants. So far, they all seem to be OBJ format, so un-rigged.

The jeep had mapped textures for the vehicle body, the glass, the spade and axe of its toolkit. The headlights and spot-light were obvious, I made a ''lighting'' mask using free Irfan View. The glass had its own material, needed no masking. The wing-mirror, though, had me stumped. I wanted to make it ''reflective'', but could not identify it on the body texture. I tried several UV mappers, could not get a match to the body texture''s complex lay-out. Hey, sometimes you get lucky !!

In the end, I did a sorta ''binary'' search, progressively painting the body-map in bright yellow until I could isolate the mirror. Even then, there''s no matching ''shape'', just a fuzzy blob. I''ll put ''finder'' map in the comments...

That business took several hours of investigation, plus twenty-some map variants, progressively discarded and deleted. I ran out of time to make the located mirror ''reflective'', settled for doing a quick scene.

After some iteration, the OBJ imported to Poser at ~30% of default scale. But, being a genuine Jeep, Wiki supplied actual dimensions. Width 62 inches = 1.57 metres. I used Poser tools to add a ''measure stick'' of this size to scene, scaled the Jeep to fit, give or take an inch or so. Then deleted and re-imported at now-identified 33% of default scale.

I hand-loaded their mapped texture to body and tool diffuse materials, the lights'' mask to the body''s ambient channel, super-dialled that bright. The glass had its own texture, was simply dialled mostly-transparent after loading.

I applied the desert texture to Poser''s ground plane as both ''diffuse'' and ''displacement'', the latter giving those ''ripples''. A few percent of transparency gave a sorta-shimmer resembling real sand...

I''d not made the mirror reflective, so chose an angle that hid it. A trial render found the scene needed lots of light. Also, the sand ripples looked good, but swallowed the Jeep to its hub-caps. I added a six-inch y-offset to the vehicle, dialled up the lighting. Sent job to my networked ''Box'' as Superfly, 96 pixel samples, progressive, 64 vol-bounces and buckets.

As the model needs both lighting and reflective masking but, as yet, I only can do one or other at a time, an update may be delayed...

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Poster Message
 07 Aug 2022 12:20
Here's that 'finder' map...


 07 Aug 2022 20:35
Nice jeep! I love these kinds of props!

I am smiling.
 08 Aug 2022 15:46
There's a total zoo of vehicles, but that ~1.4 GB RAR unpacks to ~3.7 GB. You may prefer to un-pack individual sub-folders.

FWIW, these include a fun bunch of Jeep variants, ranging from 'pristine' through 'tired' and 'damaged' to 'wrecked'...

 26 Aug 2022 06:14
The original Jeep sold for 738.74 dollars brand new in 1941

"the brite good morning voice, whose heard but never seen"
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