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When Render-Queue won''t play nice-- REBOOT ''BOX'' !!

Poster: Nik
Image: When Render-Queue won''t play nice-- REBOOT ''BOX'' !!
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Posted: 14 Aug 2022 16:31
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Pic Description: I''d ported Mr. Pig''s dozen MB XPS figure via free XNA/Lara, .MESH.ASCII and free Noesis to FBX.

Iterated import scale to 10k% (100x default). Using ''Hierarchy'', hid his NSFW ''endowment'', then warily parented his many ''junior'' sub-rigs to the first, the ''master''. Hacked his big war-axe''s nice texture map for ''specular'' to give blade edge a mostly-sharpened look. Found an nice spikey-pokey sorta-halberd for LaFemme. Hacked that texture map like-wise. Remembered where I''d found a nice sandy-desert texture for the ground, applied it...

Local Superfly trial-render with my twin GPU cards was okay, so I cranked the pixel-samples up from 14 to 96, switched modes to ''CPU'' and sent the job to render queue for my Ryzen-7 ''Box'' to wrangle.

Watched all the necessary files being transferred, went for a long, cool drink. (Yes, ghastly hot here, expecting big thunder-storms tomorrow...)

Huh ? Why is progress 0.0 % Should have done something...

Gave it a few more minutes, still gone nowhere.

Hmm. Checked Box'' Task Manager. Usually ''Render Queue'' claims 97~~99 % of CPU resource. Today, it was 0.0 %.

WTF ??

But, I''ve had similar happen before, not necessarily for the same arcane reasons, whatever they may be. Generic solution applies...

1) Cancel Poser''s ''Queue Manager'' job.

2) Close Box''s ''Queue Manager'' window.

3) Reboot ''Box''.

4) Re-start Box'' ''Queue Manager''.

5) Re-send render job.

Yay ! It''s running !! Got to ~80% in the ~15 mins I''ve been typing this, soon be done...

\"Had enough ? You cannot out-run me !!\"

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When Render-Queue won''t play nice-- REBOOT ''BOX'' !!
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Poster Message
 14 Aug 2022 16:32
Here's 'finder' map for the 'Specular' hacks.


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