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Red or Blue ? Red ? Or Blue ??

Poster: Nik
Image: Red or Blue ? Red ? Or Blue ??
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Posted: 23 Aug 2022 14:34
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Pic Description: This is the neat ''Team Fortress ATV'', nicely ported to Garry''s Mod / SFM by Stephano96, which I down-loaded during the initial ''free'' window. Now ($).

I used free Noesis to convert its SFM MDL/VTF files to FBX, OBJ and JPG. As usual, Noesis did not port SFM texture calls, which left the FBX with three ''default'' texture groups. Again, as usual, the OBJ emerged without a complementary MTL, referencing three groups, all with same '''' null material.

I hoped to use the FBX, but the OBJ was easier to study. Opening it in Wordpad, I searched for each ''g'', found eg g rdmobj00, changed its adjacent usemtl '''' to usemtl 00 and re-saved. Opening this in an OBJ utility, my preference ($$) 3DOC, I could see that group 0 was the ATV body, groups 1 and 2 each doing part of the lights.

Poser''s default 100% import scale loaded the ATV FBX at kiddy-car size. After some ''iteration'', I found ~200% looked okay, flipped it upright. ''Mesh0'' is the ''body'' and ''senior'' sub-rig, to be used for scaling, positioning and posing using the well-named ''bones''. ''Junior'' sub-rigs Mesh1 and Mesh2 carry the lights'' texture.

I hand-loaded the body''s diffuse mapped texture to both diffuse and specular, the normal map to both bump and displacement. Similarly, the lights'' diffuse map to diffuse, specular and ambient. Super-dialing ambient to 5~~9 gave me these glowing lights without resort to complex ''Cycles'' emission nodes.

I used Poser''s hierarchy tools to ''parent'' the two sub-rigs to Mesh0, renamed that ATVred1. This made navigation *much* safer, as Poser loathes any surfeit of sub-rigs in the scene ''root''...

The ATV is very well rigged: Kudos, Stephano96 !! Using ''Mesh0'', now ''ATVred1'', I was able to variously turn the handle-bars and each front wheel to mimic ''Ackerman'' steering.

My trial render went okay. I used Poser tools to duplicate the ATV, moved it sideways, applied the alternate, blue texture.

Ground is again the versatile free ''Sandy'' texture from ''MMD Desert Land'' by Mr-Mecha-Man.
I applied it to the ground-plane''s diffuse, specular, bump *and* displacement, gave it a percent or two of transparency for a slight silica sparkle...

This render was Superfly, 96 pixel-samples, progressive, 64 ''vols and buckets''. Took ~80 mins on my network render ''Box'' while I did some urgent pruning and weeding.

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Poster Message
 23 Aug 2022 14:37
That trial render. Okay, but needed more light...


 26 Aug 2022 06:08
I kinda like the Blue one.

"the brite good morning voice, whose heard but never seen"
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