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Auditioning a party magician...

Poster: Nik
Image: Auditioning a party magician...
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Posted: 04 Sep 2022 16:33
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Pic Description: This is sassy ''Darkness Rises- Witch Basic'', kindly ported to XPS formats by Bringess

As those formats included .MESH.ASCII, I used free Noesis to convert that to FBX. After some iteration, I loaded this into Poser at ~100x default scale, so 10k%. The many options meant many sub-rigs. I used Poser Hierarchy to hide them by turn until I was left with just these three (3) of original ~24.
Many other combinations are possible, but the first is the master-rig used for posing...

The ''fireballs'' are Poser primitives, set a-glow using mild super-ambience, with ~80% transparency to show the hands / fingers within. Just positioned, not parented.
The ''6kg Dry Powder'' fire extinguisher is a classic freebie by 3DHaupt
Label is in German, but the pictographs suffice. If using ''for real'', respect the 1000 Volt electrical limit, and get some-one with appropriate PPE to clean up...
( I prefer CO2-type, having quenched many small solvent fires with a quick, well-aimed ''CHOOOF !!'', no dust-storm ensues...)

Scene needed lots of lighting. Rendered ''locally'' in Superfly as 64 pixel samples, progressive, 1024 vols & buckets, using my twin, now-ageing GPU cards.

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Auditioning a party magician...
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Poster Message
 04 Sep 2022 16:36
Here's the recipe for the 'glow-balls'.
Not brilliant, just a minimal compromise between brightness and seeing the hands...

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