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Silent Hills'' Clear Picture

Poster: Nik
Image: Silent Hills'' Clear Picture
Image Details: ID: 8551 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1520 x 571 (124KB)
Posted: 17 Sep 2022 20:22
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Pic Description: This is the nice port by Quake332
Freebie comes as OBJ+MTL plus an excellent set of DDS textures, loads well to Poser at ~40% of original scale.

Poser could not find the textures at first, as the OBJ was hard-pathed to look for MTL on C:, easily edited with eg Wordpad., so auto-loaded.

I hunted out the texture for the two strip lights (material #5), made an emission / super-ambiance mask using free Irfan View. see comments. The super-ambiance proved too dim for a nice render, so I tackled it via ''emission'' using same mask.

In material#5''s advanced properties, right-click into empty gray area. Select New Node, Root, Physical Surface. If you do not have mask''s image-map node from trying super-ambiance, right-click into empty gray area, select new node, 2d textures, image map. Set source to mask, connect its ''white spot'' to the Physical Surface Emission, dial its strength to ~750. see comments. I began with ~50, went up in stages until test renders showed scene was bright enough.

I had to ''force show back facing polys'' and dial camera''s ''hither'' to ''peer through wall''. Camera focal length ~22 mm is not wide enough to give significant distortion.

Rendered locally as Superfly, 64 pixel samples, progressive, 1024 samples +buckets using my twin GPU cards.

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Silent Hills'' Clear Picture
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Poster Message
 17 Sep 2022 20:23
Here's mask, finder map and the nodes guide...


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