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TEU Tank 31000 Litres

Poster: Nik
Image: TEU Tank 31000 Litres
Image Details: ID: 8553 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 765 x 641 (62KB)
Posted: 12 Oct 2022 01:17
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Pic Description: I found this nice model of an inter-modal TEU tank (31000 litre capacity) in PMX format over at BowlRoll. No membership or password required for down-load.
Credits to ''Keeper of Time'' for MMD port, liebherr996litronic for original.

The visible tank and frame are detailed with ~45k vertices, there''s a guarded tap at the other end, but no access hatches, ladder, safety rails, vents or slosh baffles.

One thing about this neat model that appealed to me was that a TEU is a known size, so I could easily set the correct Poser import scaling. Nominally 20 feet length over corner castings, it is 19 feet 10.5 inches (6.058 m). As Poser scene comes with a 5-foot grid, I''d be able to *accurately* scale it by eye.

I down-loaded the zip, un-packed it with free Bandizip using ''code page'' set to Japanese for the glyphs. Opened the PMX file in free PMX Editor (EN) found here on DA.

One ''gotcha'': PMX is a ''left-handed'' mesh so, before exporting as OBJ+MTL, I had to use the ''mirror'' tool in PMX View window: Edit, Mirror Model, ''Are you sure ? Y/N''. Then, in the ''PMX Editor'' window: File, Export, Save as Type, drop-down to ''Alias Wavefront OBJ'', set export scale as 1.

This OBJ imported to Poser without a fuss at default 100% scale, though very large. Just one corner casting filled scene. After some iteration, dropping to floor etc, I found that a scale factor of 3.375 % gave a 20-foot length.

Of course, the mapping for the auto-loaded textures had been flipped by that mirroring prior to export. So, in Poser''s materials, advanced, set the Color_Texture V_Scale to -1 to correct each of the three calls to ''tank_texture.JPG''. You''ll need plenty of scene lighting to bring up the nice details of bracing, signage etc.

Now, you''d think I could go back and re-export model from PMX Editor with a scaling of 0.03375, so would auto-load ''to size'' in Poser. Sorry, there''s some ''rounding'', it comes in a bit bigger. I''ve yet to figure the exact factor, but I reckon PMX Editor runs out of ''significant figures''.

There''s another scaling quirk: Poser_11.3 kindly remembers the OBJ import scaling factor %, offers it for next such. Except, it displays and uses a ''rounded'' figure, here 3.4 % instead of correct 3.375 %. Doesn''t seem much but, over the length of a TEU, it is ''off'' by a ''WTF ?'' IIRC, this may be fixed in P_12...

The ~45k vertex count befuddled Poser''s first Superfly test-render using my twin graphics cards. I had to reduce their preferred 1024 ''vols+buckets'' to 256.

If I needed a ''tank farm'' of more than a few such TEUs, I''d find some lower-poly models, or run this model through eg ($$) ''Balancer'' to reduce the LOD / poly-count...

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TEU Tank 31000 Litres
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Poster Message
 13 Oct 2022 16:48
Last year, I'd found a budget ($) 'Chemical TEU' by eiji-kun in a sale at at CGT. Nice mesh, nice textures. Walk-way, hatch access, sensor cabling etc etc. Looked good. Forgot about it until yesterday, when I trawled my sprawling archive and 'rounded up' every TEU to build an industrial scene.

Default 100% import Poser scaling of OBJ came in 'very big'. Took scaling to 0.043% for nominal 20ft length. But, it looked wrong. Yes, it was now exactly 10ft wide instead of 8ft, and 10ft tall instead of 8½ ft. Though there are over-size / super-heavy TEUs, this was not such. So, I scaled X = 80%, Y = 85%

The model called missing 'SN00038_00000.jpg', which I simply skipped, and 'SN00036_00000.jpg' which I replaced by the supplied '36.jpg'. You may need lots of 'side-lighting' to illuminate parts of tank shaded by walk-way etc.

My first test render --Superfly, progressive, both GPU cards-- sorta 'fell over' part way through. I re-started PC, kept other loaded programs to 'few', tried again. This time was okay. Plan_B would have meant 'winding back' the twin GPU cards' render 'vols & buckets' from 1024 to eg 256 or 128, or down to 64 and sending job to CPU-only 'Box'.


 14 Oct 2022 19:52
Another budget ($) TEU tank, this by Pixel-cloud, with a scaling twist.

The model came as Blend, OBJ and FBX, had ladder, walkway, hatches, instrumentation conduits etc etc. There were two nice 2k/4k texture sets for 'metal' and 'tank', but the OBJ, a Blender export victim, was un-grouped, did not call them. The FBX was grouped, so I used the free classic Autodesk FBX toolkit to export a new OBJ+MTL with those two groups.

After some trial & error, I found this *very big* OBJ imported to Poser at ~0.410% scale, required 'drop to floor'. I hand-loaded 'color' to Diffuse, 'ao' Albedo to Specular, 'normal' to Bump, 'roughness' to Displacement. Probably not optimal, but looked good with lots of lighting.

I also imported the FBX version, reckoning few would deploy the classic Autodesk toolkit. To my surprise, the model came in 'slightly small', the default 100% needed scaling to ~108% to match the OBJ version to a finger-width or so.

Again, I hand-loaded the two texture sets. A test-render showed it needed yet-more lighting. After a 'safety' save, rendered in Superfly, progressive, 64 pixel-samples, 1024 'vols & buckets', both GPU cards...


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