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PS Capsule

Poster: Nik
Image: PS Capsule
Image Details: ID: 8554 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1520 x 571 (74KB)
Posted: 15 Oct 2022 01:47
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Pic Description: I found this free SciFi capsule / pod by Maku@Gasucho over at BowlRoll.

The download is password protected, but that is given in plain-text on the linked nicovideo page. Look for LxxxBxxxxNNNN

I unpacked the zip file using free Bandizip with code-page set to Japanese to respect file-name glyphs. There were five such textures plus the PMX model. I copied the texture files, then used Google Translate to read glyph-names and re-name the copies.

I then used free PMXEdit(EN) found at...
... to change the nine materials'' calls to glyph-named textures to their translations. A bit tedious, yes, but easier after the first few.

PMX uses a ''left-hand'' coordinate system compared to OBJ, so use PMX Editor''s Mirror tool --View, Edit, Mirror Model-- to flip it prior to export --File, export, drop-down to OBJ-- with default x1 scaling.

After some ''iteration'', I found this OBJ+MTL imported to Poser at ~5% scale. As the port was ''mirrored'', I changed each Poser color-texture''s V-scale from 1 to -1 to correct the mapping. Model now looked okay, but dull. I set ''super-ambient'' to waken the control panel displays, ring lights etc etc. I''ll put material example in the comments.

Rendered in Superfly, 64 pixel samples, progressive, 1024 ''vols+buckets'' using both my twin GPU cards.

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Poster Message
 15 Oct 2022 01:56
Note color-texture is plugged into to ambient as well as diffuse / specular, also its V-scale changed from default 1 to -1, flipping texture.
Also, ambient only dialled to 1.0 rather than eg 5 as seemed 'glowy' enough.
None of the PNG textures used an Alpha-channel transparency map, so that was was one less worry...


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