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If you go down to the woods today...

Poster: Nik
Image: If you go down to the woods today...
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Posted: 15 Oct 2022 22:59
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Pic Description: I found this very nice free model of wood-land by Naoyuki Eguchi on BowlRoll. No password or log-on required.

There are PMX files for grass, two types of tree and the set shown. There''s also a .X file for ''forest ground''. Their materials call a JPG texture for ''tree-trunk'' and five PNG ''foliage'' textures. Each of these five includes an Alpha-channel transparency map. I used free IrfanView to display this channel and export it as JPG.

As MMD''s PMX and X files use left-handed coordinates compared to eg OBJ, I used free PMX Editor (EN) found here...
... to Mirror each model --View, Mirror Model, Are_You_Sure ?-- before exporting --File, Export, drop-down to OBJ, default x1 scale.

The grass, ground and two tree types may be individually loaded into Poser at ~2.5% scale for knee-high grass and 8ft~10ft trees. The ''Woods'' takes the same scaling, but loads the set. It is big enough that you may need to hide Poser''s own ground-plane / sky-dome. You may find trees are better proportioned if set is scaled 5%~~8%. I turned off ''smooth polygons'' to get a more ''natural'' look.

Hand-apply transparency maps to their materials, dialling to 1.00. As ''port'' is mirrored, you must flip each mapped texture to suit by setting its V_scale to -1.

You may need to set ''force show back-facing'' to get the foliage to look ''right''. If scene suddenly goes black, you''ve probably ''back-faced'' the Poser sky-dome by mistake...

Scene needed lots of light to flaunt the foliage. After a local test-render, I set Superfly, Progressive, 64 pixel samples, vols and buckets, sent job to my CPU-only network-render ''Box''.

I don''t usually bother with sub-division but, curious, I re-did render with x2 and then x4. Despite Poser''s warnings, there was scant difference in the render timing or file sizes...

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If you go down to the woods today...
Conifer group
What a nice sky-island !!

Poster Message
 15 Oct 2022 23:06
For example, here's one of the materials with its V-scales flipped and Alpha channel extracted, applied to transparency.


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