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Conifer group

Poster: Nik
Image: Conifer group
Image Details: ID: 8556 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1520 x 571 (219KB)
Posted: 17 Oct 2022 00:52
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Pic Description: While searching BowlRoll for TEUs and other ''fun stuff'', I noticed this free ''coniferous forest stage MMD model'', ported to MMD by prolific ''keeper of time''. No log-on or password required. Has a credit for original to ''Pine Forest'' by fangzhangmnm.

The pines had two textures, one a PNG with Alpha channel holding leaf transparency map. I used free Irfan View to save-out this map as a JPG. There''s also a neat sky-globe with nice 360ยบ up-land panorama that I did not use.

As MMD''s PMX and X files use left-handed coordinates compared to eg OBJ, I used PMX Editor (EN) found here...
... to Mirror each model --View, Mirror Model, Are_You_Sure ?-- before exporting --File, Export, drop-down to OBJ, default x1 scale.

OBJ+MTL loaded well into Poser at default 100% scaling, though very large. I had to scale to ~2% to get the trees into scene. MTL only auto-loads foliage ''diffuse'' material, so I hand-loaded its transparency map, dialled to 1.0. As the model was ''flipped'', I corrected the textures'' mapping by setting their V-Scale to -1.

The model notes mention these trees are about 20 metres tall (So ~65 ft for Poser). After a battle with Poser''s measuring system, whose ''virtual tape'' cheerfully attaches to anything *except* intended target, I loaded a Poser ''primitive'' cylinder, attached ''measurement'', Y-scaled to ~65 ft. Then I progressively scaled the ''conifer group'' to similar height, using ''drop to floor'' to offset Y shifts. I found that ~2% was much too small, but ~3.5% scaling looked about right. YMMV.

Scene needed ample lighting. After a local test-render, I set Superfly, Progressive, 64 pixel-samples, Vols + Buckets, then sent job to my CPU-only network-render ''Box''. When it finished sooner than expected, I re-ran over-night with 96 pixel-samples, but could see no difference...

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Conifer group
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