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Part of subway from Zombie Frontier 4...

Poster: Nik
Image: Part of subway from Zombie Frontier 4...
Image Details: ID: 8559 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1520 x 1142 (364KB)
Posted: 23 Nov 2022 20:39
Views: 37
Pic Description: This is one small corner of the sprawling set for ''Zombie Frontier 4'', ported to OBJ+MTL by Quake332.

Original ~24 MB OBJ''s poly-count was too much for Poser as-is, it just did not display. I used Atangeo''s ''Balancer'' (free version) to trim to ~75% for ~16MB OBJ. Further caused ''drop-outs'' with default settings. This OBJ loaded to Poser at ~50% scaling and, when I fixed OBJ''s path to MTL, auto-loaded the diffuse DDS textures.

Free Irfan View pulled the ''blood'' texture''s mask from its PNG''s ''Alpha Channel''. Applied as a transparency mask to that material (#32 ?), the splats and pools looked good.

As most of scene''s luminaires had been ''trashed'', renders needed a lot of Poser point-lights, warily tucked off-camera...

Scene was too complex to render with Superfly using this PC''s now-ageing twin graphics cards. I reverted to ''CPU-Only''.

The ''near'' angle view was network-rendered on ''Box'', the ''far'', with that ominous blood-pool, on this PC.

Views combined using free Irfan View. No post-work.

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Part of subway from Zombie Frontier 4...
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