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I do not think they expected...

Poster: Nik
Image: I do not think they expected...
Image Details: ID: 8560 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 765 x 641 (62KB)
Posted: 03 Dec 2022 17:55
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Pic Description: This surprised pair are both versions of ''Meg the Fortune Teller'', well-ported to FBX by N1ghtinGalez.

At this point, I usually do a mild rant about weird scaling and a zoo of sub-rigs. To my surprise, both figures imported to Poser at default 100% scale with *single* rigs, albeit upside down, and auto-loaded their nice DDS texture sets. Quick change of figures'' xRotate from +90º to -90º and good to go...

Seems weird not having to parent umpteen ''junior'' sub-rigs to their ''leader'' sub-rig to off-load Poser''s hierarchy, or navigate to ''leader'' sub-rig to safely pose figure.
But, Yay !!

Figures needed ''Force Show Back-facing'' to display rear of skirt correctly, and *lots* of light to begin to do justice to those textures.

After a quick test using this PC''s now-ageing twin GPU cards, I set CPU-only, 96 pixel-samples, Superfly, progressive, 64 ''vols & buckets'', sent job to my network-render ''Box''. Including file transfers, took ~45 mins.

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Poster Message
 03 Dec 2022 17:58
And yes, it is really, really weird to meet well-behaved, single-rigged FBX figures...

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